[INTERVIEW] Should Critical Race Theory Be Taught in Schools? -Prof. David Haskell

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a controversial topic. On one hand, it’s idealistically promoted as an instrument of racial equity and is being introduced in educational curricula and govt legislatures across Canada (Bill 67 in Ontario) and the U.S. On the other, it has opponents saying it will further the divide of racial inequity and intolerance.

Join us for this critical lens on a hot-topic issue with Prof. David Haskell, Laurier University, as he highlights some empirical evidence on the anti-racism theme.

Share your thoughts with us on CRT.

The interview was conducted Oct. 26, 2022, prior to Prof. Haskell’s speech (below “The Social Science of Manufacturing Prejudice”) at gala panel discussion with Maxime Bernier.


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