BREAKING: Baby Will to Be Taken From Parents, Forced Vaccinated Blood Transfusion for Surgery

(Auckland, New Zealand) In a shocking decision, the High Court “appointed the surgeons as it’s agents to give informed consent,” said Sue Grey, lawyer for parents Sam Savage-Reeves and Cole Reeves. Effectively, the state has taken guardianship of baby Will, who awaits life-saving open-heart surgery.

The parents are agreeable with the surgery but not Starship Hospital’s policies of only allowing vaccinated blood to be given to Will during the surgery where his heart will be stopped.

With this decision, Will will now be removed from his parents’ care and be given vaccinated blood.

Short report here (long version below):

Liz Gunn, FreeNZ Media and Counterspin Media, gave an urgent statement immediately after the decision.

Baby Alexander, a one-month-old in the same situation, died of a blood clot shortly after receiving a blood transfusion of vaccinated blood.

New Zealand, along with many countries, including Canada, is also denying patients on donor lists needed surgeries if they are not vaccinated.

Be certain, the popular slogan, “My body, my choice,” has been abandoned by the general public while govts swoop in to replace it with “Your body, state’s choice.”

For parents to lose the power to decide over their child’s health, and, specific to this case, an experimental mRNA injection with overwhelming evidence of significant harms and inability to prevent infection and transmission, this can only be seen as medical kidnapping.

1 thought on “BREAKING: Baby Will to Be Taken From Parents, Forced Vaccinated Blood Transfusion for Surgery”

  1. Hopefully the evil Doctors and Staff are smart enough to know that this will look really bad if anything happens to baby Will if they say and use vax’d blood .
    Hopefully the evil Doctors and Staff secretly use unvax’d blood and that Will’s operation is a success. The Doctors then can claim the parents were worried for nothing.
    Or so it seems someone who was double vax’ed a year ago might be ok too.
    That would be what’s best for baby Will…..
    Love and prayers

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