Veteran to Truckers: Hold the Line

Jake Spinney, a veteran from Nova Scotia, shares his reasons for being here in Ottawa to support the Freedom Convoy truckers.

Spinney and other veterans cleaned the Veteran War Memorial in Ottawa on Saturday, after freedom protesters took down the fencing that the govt had put up in the middle of the night. Spinney is found there daily at 1300 hours, ready and willing to talk to all veterans and citizens.

4 thoughts on “Veteran to Truckers: Hold the Line”

  1. here is another initiative to support the drs trying to get scientific debate:
    Simply because there is a ‘Plan’ to lift mandates, there is no guarantee they WILL be lifted, never to return. This initiative can empower everyone to understand one’s own authority and government processes so this situation never happens again.

    An EXAMPLE of a letter that could be sent to Health Authorities.

    February 20, 2022 Urgent
    To: Dr. Deena Henshaw – Chief Medical Health Officer Jason Coping – Health Minister,
    Premier Jason Kenney.

    Project: Prove It! Let The Scientists Speak

    We the undersigned (person/group/town council) agree to adhere to provincial co-vid restrictions and mandates upon receiving proof these policies are necessary.

    We find scientific data provided by:,,, provide adequate proof the Health Orders and Mandates from Alberta Health Services have generated enormous unnecessary physical, psychological and financial harm to citizens and Canadian Society. Specifically:
    1) mRNA experimental drugs called ‘vaccines’ do not meet standards of protection required of vaccines 2) the mRNA drugs are causing a vast array of medical injuries including death.
    3) ‘mandatory vaccines’ and the need for ‘vaccine passports’ cannot be substantiated due to the ineffectiveness and harm caused by the ‘vaccine products’
    4) the Interim Order to permit ‘vaccines’ without long-term trials was never necessary. Preventative/early onset treatment protocols provided by the aforementioned Health Organizations were available and are highly effective in reducing severe illness. This data was ignored by Health Agencies in favour of the exclusive promotion of an experimental vaccine product
    5) number of cases’ data from PCR test was an inappropriate tool to determine Public Health Protocols 6) asymptomatic transmission of the virus does not occur. Testing healthy people with an inaccurate tool caused and continues to cause unnecessary physical/psychological harm to millions of Albertans
    7) medical devices known as ‘masks’ are harmful and less effective in reducing viral transmission and replication than preventative protocols supported by the organizations listed above.

    if there is disagreement with the scientific data provided by these organizations, the Chief Medical Health Officer of Alberta present a rebuttal in Public Debate with representatives from at least two of the aforementioned organizations.
    all debating parties must provide their list of scientific references to all other participants a minimum of four days prior to the debate
    these references are made available to the public on or before the date of the debate.

    Further, we REQUIRE:
    The Chief Medical Health Officer state and provide a transcript of their Oath of Office.
    The Chief Medical Health Officer or other Provincial Authority provide evidence the implementation of pandemic protocol was by law or legality transferred from The Provincial Emergency Measures Department to the Chief Medical Health Officer.

    Due to the extreme widespread consequences of these mandates we require either:
    an immediate end to all Mandates and Orders brought forth by the Medical Health Officer regarding the illness known as Co-vid 19 OR
    the debate with the named organizations be conducted by March 5, 2022. Otherwise we will consider all mandates and orders null and void.
    We require a response by the Medical Health Officer within seven days.

    (Printed names and signatures)

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  3. “Christopher James has the solution in LAW – not the LEGAL world that is the corrupt and lying Bar Society that made oaths to the Crown – they have it all sewn up and still want us to believe the CONstitution and Charter is for us !! it is not – it is for them !!! with LIVE STREAMS Monday Thursday nites at 8 pm. Link in on the main page on his site. God Speed my Brothers and Sistars i love you

  4. I am a veteran, my son is serving and my Uncle a WW11 veteran still living all fought for the rights and freedoms of our country. I refuse to allow a criminal take that away, go veterans go, go truckers go and go Canada go!

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