BREAKING: Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly Resigns Amid Criticism


BREAKING: Peter Sloly resigns as Ottawa’s police chief, as critics denounce his handling of convoy protest, inc. accusations of bullying, volatile behaviour behind closed doors.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly Resigns Amid Criticism”

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  2. Retired veterans and police need to be on the ground with the protestors.
    The retired military members that tore down the blockade around the veteran’s cenotaph on the Hill demonstrated why their presence is necessary and vital to witness and keep the peace.

  3. During a peaceful protest are the police not supposed to ensure public safety. Brutally arresting a senior for honking his horn. And the fact that he has ties to the WEF as does Jim Watson and Trudeau the NDP leader and some conservatives.
    It doesn’t take rocket science to connect the dots.

    WE want to be left alone, we want our freedoms back, we want our Country back.

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