Vaccinated N.B. Doctor, 52, Dies Unexpectedly

Prominent and respected Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, Interventional Cardiologist at the New Brunswick Heart Centre, passed away on Monday, November 8, 2021. The 52-year-old’s passing was unexpected and sudden with no details of his death being revealed.

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Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial receives his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on January 16, 2021.

Dr. Lutchmedial, a seemingly healthy man, received his 3rd shot of “Electric Flu-Galoo,” October 24, 2021.

He strongly believed in the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines and jokingly tweeted about how to increase uptake in the gun-lovin’ Murica Aug. 15.

Though he would treat unvaccinated patients, he showed little sympathy or respect for them on social media tweeting that he wouldn’t “cry at their funeral” and, more hatefully, wanted to “punch those people in the face.”

Such animosity and division is unfortunately seen on both sides of the vaccinated-unvaccinated coin, as some on social media have retaliated with equal disrespect for Lutchmedial’s demise.

Unless the tactic of our propagandized black-and-white world–at the hands of profiteering puppet-masters–pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated becomes more visible, the courage of the altruistic–ridiculed trying to warn humanity–will remain lost in dark irony.

18 thoughts on “Vaccinated N.B. Doctor, 52, Dies Unexpectedly”

  1. what really works is personal hygiene and vitamins c, d, and zinc, home-made chicken soup. fresh air, exercise, all in moderation. No mask and keep smiling.

    1. I agree! Follow the protocol for fighting against covid, and even if you get it, there are treatments which will shorten the length and severity of it. Ivermectin does work, but the pharmaceutical companies don’t make billions on it like they do on the vax. There’s too many adverse reactions and deaths after getting the jab. Now they are giving it to children, and soon will say it is safe for infants. It’s coming in 3-4 months. 😡

    2. Home-made chicken soup, like you have to kill a chicken for a soup?
      I can’t understand. What is the most valuable? The life of someone who doesn’t want to die or your pleasure in eating his dead body?

  2. what really works is personal hygiene and vitamins c, d, and zinc, home-made chicken soup. fresh air, exercise, all in moderation. No mask and keep smiling.

    1. Home-made chicken soup, like you have to kill a chicken for a soup?
      I can’t understand. What is the most valuable? The life of someone who doesn’t want to die or your pleasure in eating his dead body?

  3. Whether you take your chances shot-free or take your chances with a shot, you are still chancing that you could become ill with C19 symptoms. That much is about the same as with choices made about flu shots.

    For most people we take our chances, either way, and expect that even with symptoms we will be okay. Now, sure, there are some of us with unhealthy conditions that might make us be more careful with our choices than most people might be. Again, the notion that choosing to not get shot is some sort of self-injury is really way out of line. And, if someone ends up harmed by taking the C19 shots, it is not likely they chose self-harm.

    So we really ought to put aside the sort of rhetorical BS that mocks people who are harmed, either way.

    I do see the value in comparing someone’s hubris with that person’s results. If you are so very certain of the outcomes, then, the normal course of things often finds a way to bring you back down to reality. There for the grace of God go I.

    A person in need of medical help, a person in harm’s way, still is worthy of our compassion regardless of choices made.

    That even goes for those who are reckless and willfully blind. Human suffering is human suffering.

    We can confront propaganda without de-humanizing each other. Temptations abound so we may falter or stumble, but we know better, as empathetic beings.

  4. I don’t think people are stupid. I do think they are 6 months behind on the science. They are too trusting and can sometimes be thoughtless and mean spirited… they have been co-opted by the mainstream narrative to take the shot and there is very little opportunity for the counter narrative to reach them. What is a vaccine for if not to stop the spread? These shots do not do that, therefore they don’t meet the definition of a vaccine…

  5. This government – banking controlled shutdown is not ending folks…why? UN – Agenda 21/30, NWO, The great reset…IMF, WHO, WEF (World economic forum) central bankers / planners…go do some research, all planned. PIGS = People in governments = Governments = police = bylaw = teachers = doctors = fire = public transportation… …just follow the money $$$, = pure scum… Rise up people, its going to get much worse…as the force the jabs, and many of them, vax passports, testing on us all…for years to come.

    Its all a lie, bs…Rise up freedom fighters……crooked and corrupt Governments = $, all lying scum, all over the world. I will never see a mainstream doctor again…most are pill pusher’s, vax pushers, a disgrace…Come on free thinkers, freedom lovers, private sector…Almost 2 years now folks! Peaceful protests will NOT work. I wish they did but come on, look around…almost 2 years of this government control, nonsense, lie…They have destroyed the private sector, our small business, our livelihood…removed all freedoms……Have you noticed yet? Do you really want freedom? Civilian militias are needed and they need to be armed to the teeth. Plan, organize, train…rise up…freedom was/is never free. Take it…fight back, very, very large numbers… plan, organize, be ready… As for the police, military, bylaw…they are just branches of the government = most are greedy $ government parasites, order takers , control freaks, zombies with guns, hypocrites, liars, delusional,…. Open up your small business globally. Unite, fight the real enemy here = lying governments = police = MSM… = the people enforcing this lockdown, plandemic…fraud, scam…while ALL getting full pay. NICE EH ? $ This is a complete government = police takeover – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do, no privacy, no freedom, no property rights….Control, control = governments now running everything moving forward. Its, here, its happening, and will only get worse…..Gotta love this metaphor from MMA, ‘kill or be killed”. UNITE. Wake up! F you governments. Do not comply. My body, my choice.

  6. he got the booster clot shot oct 24. sad. probably got too close to an mri, the magnetic pulse is a killer if you’ve had the clot shot, what with all that peg wrapped graphene oxide targetting on the heart muscle.

  7. Amazing how a DOCTOR let himself beeing injected with an EXPERIMENTAL jab with KNOWN severe sideeffects!

    1. The “doctors” seem to be the most illiterate of them all when it comes to researching the side effects of these “special” ingredients! I mean, you would have to be absolutely beyond stupid to inject this crap into your body!

      1. I dont think people are stupid but rather brainwashed by the media propaganda that is being spewed out all day long at the beginning of this whole mess.

        1. I totally agree with you, my entire family has taken the shot and they are some of the smartest people i know they just can’t bring them selves to believe that the media is lieing to them, they think I’m a conspiracy theorist and they don’t know how to research things they research by watching the news or google.

          1. have you ever sit down with them and show them some or at least how to do good research?maybe …just maybe yah might convince one …remember that are your family

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