More Fully Vaccinated Cases in Manitoba Than Unvaccinated

Breakthrough cases reached their highest point in Manitoba November 8, 2021, with 49% of all new cases being in the fully vaccinated. In total, the vaccinated made up 55% of the cases with the unvaccinated accounting for just 45%.

39% of the 112 people in hospital with active Covid-19 infections were double-jabbed. 5% had 1 dose.

Covid-19 vaccines are failing to provide the protection that is being promoted.

3 thoughts on “More Fully Vaccinated Cases in Manitoba Than Unvaccinated”

  1. We do not have a “government” in Canada we have a criminal cult dedicated to killing and maiming Canadians. When someone sticks something in my body that I don’t want and threatens me with losing my job and thereby my ability to feed myself, that is not a choice but rape. We are being “governed” by rapists at all levels of society. The clot shot vaccines are about worldwide genocide, they are nothing to do with keeping us “safe”. That is why Manitoba is having covid in the vaccinated, because the “covid vaccine” is not a vaccine to begin with and the shot has nothing to do with health. Remember the Canadian mainstream news media is MORE complicit in the vaccine genocide than our “government” as they consider themselves “journalists” who are supposed to put forth unbiased truth about all “news”. Instead we have Canadian MSM news organizations dedicated to aiding and abetting the covid cult in it’s ongoing rape and genocide of Canadians. Now they are targetting children. This is murder before our very eyes. Oh well let’s all to get our Tim’s.

  2. Quote: Covid-19 vaccines are failing to provide the protection that is being promoted.

    These shots are not vaccines. These are promoted as vaccines, for sure. These shots are promoted as effective. As offering protection. But not immunity. These are promoted as THE way to achieve community immunity, for sure.

    For example, read what Health Canada’s propaganda.

    Quote: Vaccines work. Scientific and medical evidence show that vaccination can help protect you against COVID-19. Studies are also showing that vaccinated people may have less severe illness if they do become ill from COVID-19.

    1. There is insufficient evidence to show what is claimed.
    2. There is evidence that shows low-level protection from symptoms and next to no protection from emergency visits, hospital and ICU admissions, and death.
    3. Note the ambiguity of the phrases used. Can help. But to what extent are these shots actually helpful? May have. That is as good as saying, may or may not.
    4. Note that the paragraph’s claims are about WHEN infected not about preventing infection and spread.

    Quote: Vaccines are safe. Only vaccines that are proven to be safe, effective and of high quality are authorized for use in Canada. The COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously tested during their development and then carefully reviewed by Health Canada.

    This is basically a rhetorical appeal to authority. But not the ambiguity of the claims. Tested in a lab, rigourously or not, can produce results that warn against even animal testing; and lack of animal testing, by design, means the ‘rigor’ will be in the extended trial undertaken where these shots have been rushed out the door and into the arms of the unsuspecting public who, ironically, have relied on the appeal to authority. Whether reviewed carefully or not, such review does not mean these shots have gone through the conventional rigours of assuring safety and effectiveness; this is obvious because the trials — animal trials and human trials — have been abandoned, muddled, or have not been completed.

    Quote: The vaccines cannot give you COVID-19 because they don’t contain the virus that causes it. The vaccines also cannot change your DNA.

    These are not vaccines. What they do inject is the trickery that causes your own body to produce the spike protein that causes the symptoms but which does not confer immunity. The admission that the shots are not conventional — they do not include attenuated or weakened virus — is stated as if that was a positive thing. This is a rhetorical device to turn a weakness into a seemingly advantageous strength. Yet that is immediately turned inside out by the claim that the shots ‘cannot’ change your DNA.

    Health Canada’s careful review missed the very thing they just denied with that claim.

    Further, the propaganda continues to talk about vaccination as part of a deal that trades compliance to medical tyranny for so-called freedoms and getting back to ordinary life. Yet each and every restriction has made our rights conditional on some government approval of moving goalposts.

    The C19 shots have failed to provide the protection with which the shots have been marketed. This is fraud. This is false advertising. This is medical malpractice. It is worse than that.

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