Presumably Fully-Vaxxed Sask. Doctor Dies of Covid-19

CTV News reported the death of Sask. Dr. Youssef Al-Begamy, a family and ER physician, in an Ontario ICU unit on Sunday.

In today’s vaccine-obsessed world, it’s curious that the mainstream article does not mention Dr. Al-Begamy’s vaccination status. If following the official narrative, it would be fair to presume that Dr. Al-Begamy was double-jabbed because he is presented in a favourable light (“a loved Regina physician).” Other physicians highly respected by their communities, like Dr. Rochagné Kilian and Dr. Patrick Phillips, have been vilified by the media and College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for raising alarm bells on the harms of Covid-19 measures and the vaccines. (Dr. Kilian has had her license to practice restricted completely and Dr. Phillips partially. Both remain under investigation by the CPSO).

There are currently over 18,000 deaths related to Covid-19 vaccines now reported on the U.S. OpenVAERS system but nary a word has been raised by the mainstream media.

4 thoughts on “Presumably Fully-Vaxxed Sask. Doctor Dies of Covid-19”

    1. From that article —

      Quote: Sources tell CBC News that Al-Begamy was not immunized against COVID-19 and did not agree with vaccine mandates.

      It is odd that the CBC felt entitled to divulge the man’s vax status based on ‘sources’. Why is that relevant to their story?

      Well that is immediately answered in the article itself.

      Quote: As a family doctor, Thorpe said he wants people to understand that no one — no matter how healthy or active they are — is immune to the virus. “If there’s anything we could learn from this, it’s to take it seriously,” he advised. “My take home message is: vaccinate, wear your mask, physically distance — and listen to people when they ask you to do these things.”

      That is a notably ironic use of the word, immune.

      No body is immune, he said.

      So go get a C19 shot which can not make you immune. AND even then continue to live under ineffective restrictions like, you know, wear a mask for which there is insufficient evidence of benefit against viral spread; and, you know, isolate or distance because despite insufficient evidence of the effectiveness of that just do what you are told.

      While the deceased friend may have said those word, the report is yet another example of fearmongering. It is just a soft-pedalled version because the seeding has already taken root in the public’s delusional reactions to all things C19.

      I mean, suppose the deceased had been shot. He still got sick. He had been working in the hospital — taking care of sick patients perhaps even C19 patients or even C19 shot patients — and likely was exposed to the pathogen. If this fellow did not get the shot, because of that exposure, or perhaps for other reasons, what is the point of bringing it up in the news report, really?

      IF THAT REASON IS BIAS IN FAVOUR OF THE C19 SHOT PROGRAM AND ITS MANDATES, then, we would not be surprised. And so would not be surprised if that bias found expression the other way around — where someone who died due to C19 shots or in the aftermath of waning protection from the C19 shots and so the lack of immunity despite being shot was left unreported — well, would we be surprised?

      In my view, that story had its purpose. It was not to inform.

      The Bright Light News post may have erred as a sort of attempt to counterbalance the predominant bias in the mainstream news. It is easy to imagine an objective news report by simply re-reading without the reference to vax status, speculated or presumed.

      I did enjoy the irony of the statement that nobody is immune form C19. You know, even those who are healthy doctors and work in hospitals.

      My curiousity is about the treatment he received. The move from SASK to ONT seems rather drastic. Had he received early treatment — probablly not due to the restrictions on doctors imposed in both provinces. Had he been intubated unnecessarily, I wonder. It has been known to happen even where the individual’s baseline health was low. If there had been time for him to text and to talk with people BEFORE intubation, well, I think that raises questions that maybe too personal to dig for even if the death has now gotten much publicity.

      1. There is something else of interest here but it may be a bit of a stretch even if plausible.

        what if he had been exposed to someone who had the C19 shots, say a colleague, who showed no symptoms but was on the verge of showing and so would have had a very high viral load. And that would have given the pathogen a headstart on its attack.

        Or suppose his true vax status was unknown to the ‘sources’. If he had the shot but was not yet ‘fully vaxed’ then he was vulnerable to infection and to a rapid rise in viral load prior to obvious symptoms. That could have set him back — along with the moving him to ONT.

        Another thing that my skeptical mind notes is that the deceased had been in touch with people before intubation. This is a procedure usually done in haste directly because of severe distress and there is no time nor ability of the patient to communicate or pickup a mobile to text someone. Maybe that part of the reporting was muddled, I do not know, but it raises doubts. The deceased had no family; he came from Saudi Arabia, a country not entirely trustworthy. He might have been a good guy, I do not know, but this seems a bit fishy that he is gone under such circumstances. Perhaps I am too cynical.

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