[TRAILER] Criminal Prosecution Against CPSO Allowed by Judge

The troubled College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario–with long-standing charges of corruption benefiting pharma and punishing ethical doctors–will face a major battle, as Dr. Akbar Khan is able to proceed with criminal charges against the college. Dr. Khan recently had his license revoked for successfully treating cancer patients with alternative cancer treatments that are both legal and scientifically sound but not approved by govt and backed by pharma.


8 thoughts on “[TRAILER] Criminal Prosecution Against CPSO Allowed by Judge”

  1. I work for the cancer industry, it’s obscene profit being made…never will cancer be allowed to be cured!
    Whoever comes up with cancer cure will be crushed by them!

    1. This is the TRUTH. I have been a cancer paptient, managing my ailment for over 7 years with my amazing caring, knowledgeable MD, Dr. Akbar Khan and his incredible research team – even though I am diabetic as well, they keep me very healthy. Dr Khan never ceases to amaze me and my family with his holistice and natural appeoach to medicine and healing. I am shocked, very angry with the CPSO for forcing the revoking of his licence WITHOUT caring about his ptient who have ben left hanging because there is no one to take over from him.
      WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME? AM I JUST LEFT TO DIE BECAUSE I REFUSE TO TAKE CHEMOTHERAPY, RADIATION, AND SURGERY? The CPSO and their team of radical oncologists are completely crazy? Did any of them take the oath to save lives? I want answers and I want them now!!

      1. Hi LucyAnn
        I can’t agree more with your comment. It’s a criminally charged travesty what is going on. Sorry to hear if your health issues. I’m interested to hear what the protocol Dr.Khan suggested for you is, can you please share? Hopefully you.can continue with it even though he’s unable to treat you. Praying for your health to recover.God willing.

      2. You and other patients like yourself must write to CPSO and tell them to stop harassing doctors who are providing patient centered care.

        Nothing will change unless public demand changes their regulations. Their mission to keep public safe. Public must define its safety and therefore demand doctors who meet their needs.

    2. Yes Manasha, you are completely right. There will never be a cure for cancer or diabetes as long as the big pharamceutical companies are allowed to continue with their wickedness – BRIBING and forcing doctors to use their drugs; BRIBING universities to teach medical students how to use their drugs; BRIBING MDs to use their ineffective drugs to help to keep their patients ill and infirm for many years so that they can continue to force more drugs on them while they make millions of dollars. Does anyone know how much of a ‘kickback’ an oncologist receives from drug companies every time they administer chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Someone out there knows!!!

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