[INTERVIEW] Criminal Prosecution Against CPSO To Proceed -Dr Akbar Khan

[July 22, 2022] A huge victory and hopeful precedent for patient safety and ethical physician justice has come against the troubled College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario–long accused of corrupt practices that benefit pharma while punishing good doctors, as CPSO-targeted Dr. Akbar Khan–who recently had his medical license revoked July 15, 2022–is given the green light to proceed with criminal charges against the CPSO.

Dr. Akbar Khan has been achieving remarkable success using gentle cancer treatments for the past 15 years. Legal and scientifically sound to do so, the treatments remain unapproved because they have no large-scale trials to back them up. His success therefore remains a threat to approved pharma treatment and, as such, Dr. Khan has been continually attacked by other oncologists, leading to CPSO investigation after investigation.

The 8-year-long investigation launched against Dr. Khan resulted in the revocation of his license July 15, 2022, based on “fabricated evidence.” Three days earlier, Dr. Khan and his paralegal successfully filed the private criminal charges against the CPSO, CPSO lawyer Morgana Kellythorne, and CPSO investigator, Lisa Mueller, for fabrication of evidence (criminal code sec. 137) and obstructing justice (sec. 139).

Join us for this interview from the CPSO protest July 22, 2022, in downtown Toronto.

12 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Criminal Prosecution Against CPSO To Proceed -Dr Akbar Khan”

  1. People trust their doctors. We need to put the doctors “On The Spot”. Ask any doctor the “Pro or Ho” question.

    Is your doctor a medical professional or a paid whore for the pharma cartel? A simple question for your doctor to determine if they are a “Pro or Ho”:

    “Should healthy children under the age of 12 get the shots?”.

    If the answer isn’t “NO” then you have a “Ho”. There is no “yes” or “it depends”. The IFR for healthy kids is so far to the right of the decimal that they have a statistically ZERO chance of dying from covid. It is of zero benefit for them to get the shots. It also is of zero benefit to anyone else because they will still get it and transmit it, injected or not.


    1. I put My doctor on the spot on a phone call because I couldn’t see him in person back in 2020. I probed and probed, But he kept trying to change the subject back to my health. I finally confronted him about Covid and he told me point-blank I can’t talk about it. I may lose my license if I do

      1. then who does he work for? it’s obvious it’s not for his patients. these people should have the guts to resign. what would they do if ut was their family who was the patient?

  2. CPSO should be put on notice and investigated and each and everyone charged, get the OPP and the conservative government off their buts and start doing the right thing for once and stop your pride photo opts like the liberals and filling your pockets with money without doing your jobs that your voted or hired for, your despicable

  3. It may be an uphill battle, but this is still great news!

    BTW: Did everyone see Stephen Harper’s statement of support for Pierre Poilievre? The leftist heads exploding are so much fun to watch! 🙂

  4. Encouraging but sad to see these doctors who uphold their oath to do no harm standing up for justice and at the same time being demonized for their courage when they take a firm stand as patient advocates.
    God bless each and everyone of you.
    Be encouraged there are many citizens who admire and stand in solidarity with you.
    I being one.
    S. Whitford

  5. Dr. Khan
    I just listened to the wonderful interview you gave with Bright Light News on July 22, 2022 at the CPSO. Im feeling so optimistic after hearing this interview. I hope you have had the time and interest to understand at a deeper level the difference I mentioned to you at the protest regarding “legal and lawful”! For the past 2 years Christopher James of A Warrior Calls has been educating people on this very important point. He has a growing army of both active and retired police officers and military supporting our cause from across Canada. We will finally be able to enter our public court system and restore common law. Criminal charges will take place against each and every person working within the service corporation called Canada (Registered in Washington, D.C.) For more information please listen to what Christopher James has to say.
    My utmost thanks to all the courageous men and woman in the medical field who have put their very livlihoods on the line!
    God Bless you, your families, and God Bless Canada.
    Thank you for listening!

  6. Margaret Tabak

    I’m sure this is the first of many many cases to come, considering the number of professionals who have been drummed out of their chosen livelihood because of government ineptitude. Dr. Khan, we commend you for your courage and determination.

  7. July 25th, 2022
    Just watched the interview with Dr Akbar Khan, and totally agree with and support his stance against the CPSO. Thank you Bright Light News for your fearless coverage of this story at this juncture in Canadian History. There is an awakening indeed going on and the people of Canada are seeking the extent of the corruption that has cast a web over this land. At every level of governance, judicial, financial, medical, the stench of blatant injustice is now very evident. Fortunately we are about to see changes for the better in the near future.
    Norman J Pigeon
    Bright, Ontario.

  8. i had my license revoked by the College of Optometrists of Ontario for not wearing a mask. i’d like contact info for Dr.Khan and for his paralegal if you can provide this. jimbjork111@gmail.com 705-791-3001
    Thank you Dr James E Bjork O.D. 2-67 Main St W Huntsville on p1h2l2

    1. Google search – Dr. Akbar Khan. 4576 Yonge Street unit 301, North York. 416-227-0037. medicorcancer.com

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