Judge: CPSO Has No Legal Authority to Gag & Punish Doctors Speaking Out on Covid-19 Policies -Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer

A judge ruled the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has no legal authority to gag & punish doctors speaking on Covid-19 policies, says constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati.

This is the CPSO’s 2nd big blow as a criminal prosecution was granted last wk in the case of Dr Akbar Khan (license revoked July 15).

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20 thoughts on “Judge: CPSO Has No Legal Authority to Gag & Punish Doctors Speaking Out on Covid-19 Policies -Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer”

  1. So they have found a clever way to put this all on the doctors that were too cowardly to speak up? This should get interesting real quick.

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  3. Anne-marie MacLeod

    It is about time!!! Years they spent learning and ASKING questions only to have a bully government force this on every one

    Now, let’s go after Government legally and get them stopped and made to pay every unvaccinated person compensation for harassment, bullying and HATE they spewed on us and turning us into villains with our families, friends and neighbours!!! Not to mention freezing banks accounts and so much more!!!

    Not to mention illegally spying on us!!!

    Will never trust this government again!! Nor these doctors forcing their ways on those of us that refuse an experimental vaccine!!!

    They have no cure for cancer, none for Aides but out of the blue they have a vaccine for a COVID-19 in a matter of months. No thank you!!

    I will trust those that question the science as THAT is part of what science is all about!!
    NOT forcing mandates that are illegal , pushing hate on those that question them and do not submit to bullying and losing your jobs!!!

    Thank God for people like this man fighting for our rights and freedoms under the law!!!
    God bless you Sir!!

    1. Hundred percent, agree. When the Supreme Court criminally fine the CPSO, then the majority of silent doctors, who did not warn their patients the emergency Covid-19 vaccine could harm them or their children, can be the ones to pay the “fine.”
      If they must pay the fine off by selling their “personal” assets, remember what JD said, “They will own nothing and be so ever, happy.”
      The majority of medical care persons said and did nothing when they took part in a communistic World Health Organization’s medical-science Academic coup d’Tate.
      They were making themselves an authority to use mandated drugs or vaccines without our individual
      informed consent to decline for our own safer health options.
      Now every medical policy must have a committee of common lay persons revirwing their policy if it is upholding Democracy’s Freedoms. These that many of our parents and grandparents fought for to forever protect each of us from such a majority of medical persons who were cowardly silent. Shame, shame on them. Thank you, Mr. ROCCO GALANTI, Sir. May God give you a long life to serve Truth and Justice.

    Put these pukes in jail and destroy them financially like they do to the people.

    1. Their oath is to Pharma– the provider of big money either for research or just pay offs — fraud like Devilla’s husband at UofT. UofT is infested with Pharma control– $$$$$

  5. You spend years training medical personnel to be rational and think for themselves, and then you jump down their throats when they don’t parrot the approved narrative. So…leeches, anyone? I mean, that used to be the consensus…right?

  6. CPSO should have the person or persons identified responsible for breaking, misleading the doctors or the public on miss information with out legal counseling and be fired for the grounds they find, no wonder no one is trusting higher ups these days as they know nothing and the ones that are assaulted and insulted are the smart ones that know their stuff and many thanks to a bright intelligent lawyer to help guide them also with their field. Shame on CPSO ARE YOU LEARNING FROM THE LIBERALS

    1. Looks like criminal prosecution on some health mandated medical policies and silencing of real caring medical persons is becoming a reality.
      Continue to Pray for a criminal fine on all Provincial CPS so the majority of nonreporting doctors pay off the fine. And using their personal assets to pay criminal lack of due diligence of care, warn of risk concerns and informed choice to decline policy of care without our liberities denied if not Covid-19 vaxxed.

  7. Our governments have made it clear the covid fraud is about breaking the law, not following the law. In other words, the unwritten rule of law is “might is right”. Court challenges under the Charter of Rights are simply an expensive red-herring that does nothing to stop digital identify, digital currency, omnipresent and invasive surveillance and the overall onslaught of Technocracy and Transhumanism.

  8. This is the first I’ve seen that Rocco is alive and well, and back in action. I’m very happy and relieved for him and his family. I also saw the interview with Dr. Khan, and was appalled to learn what he’s being put through. That goes for all of the great doctors in Ontario and Canada who are being abused in this way. We must all stand firm.

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