TDSB Reverses Vaccine Policy to Honour Ontario Human Rights Code Exemptions

Will other school boards and institutions follow suit and acknowledge the Ontario Human Rights Code exemptions for their employees?

18 thoughts on “TDSB Reverses Vaccine Policy to Honour Ontario Human Rights Code Exemptions”

  1. This jab is not even a vaccine and labs have up to 2023 to make it a vaccine or make the treatment right

  2. Please I need University try to force us to take the vaccine or otherwise they’ll not allowed us to register for the second semester.Ryerson University

    1. I understand you want to go but maybe waiting a year till this Tyranny ends will save your life. The sooner they don’t get your money, the sooner they will change your mind. Please listen to the Ambulances and Fire Trucks that keep going all day. All the accidents you see also. These are vaccine injured 0pl or dead in their homes being extracted. Also, cognitive decline from the jab and driving….
      PLEASE this WILL END!! Do not let big pharma Euthenize you. You have your whole life ahead of you and you can go to school later safely. Sending you all my strength!! Paramedics and firemen are crying after shifts from what they are seeing happen to the vaccinated…

  3. I am absolutely outraged that so many people can be so blind to the fact that this is so wrong. Wake up people! This needs to end. They’re using us as guinea pigs. Open your eyes. It’s plain to see that they’re not out for our best interest. For Goodness sake ‘Do your research’

    1. Agree totally..I’m feeling like a lamb being forced to a slaughter…I reserve my right to choose what I put in my body. That’s the least I could ever ask for.

      1. Stay strong Sandy!
        There are many not forcing this. A side economy has started up. Ppl are leaving the tyranical companies. Nurses in BC and in Ontario are starting their own clinics!
        Look at it this way! You can start your own company or join one not doing this. You can also do something you have always wanted to do. This is an amazing time for that passion you always had but never had time to start cause of 9 to 5 or 7 to 7 or whatever you worked. We are all stronger than we think and soo much more resilient and creative. You can do it!! We don’t need these pos places!!

  4. These mandates are illegal & immoral.
    We must stop this bullying and take a close look at what’s going on here.
    Government overreach!
    Do the right thing , the moral thing , we are all basically good people who have been manipulated to believe something that is not actually happening.
    Time to take off these ridiculous masks and get back to rebuilding our relationships with one another and stop the segregation! The same things our ancestors fought against are now being used today. Tyranny! Propaganda! Just say NO!

    1. Absolutely!

      This is a nefarious and illegal move towards fascism, the coalition of state and corporations.

      We must stop it now, and take back our planet before capitalism and ecocide destroy it.

    2. Exactly!! CANADIANS need to get stronger!! So what if some person gives you the side eye for not wearing a muzzle!! Since when is being a slave and a coward the right thing to do??? I have not worn it. Never will. Read OSHA, read side of box, go visit a viral lab and try to enter the restricted area. They will boot your ass and laugh at you if you try to tell them your muzzle is keeping you safe!! What a joke you are Canada!!! I have proudly taken the harrassment of living like a normal human being!!
      You want this shit to end Canada?? Take the muzzle off! IT IS OVER!! Anyone you run into that screams about it, tell them to book a mental health visit. They have lost their minds!! Tell them to sue the government for their new germophobia mental illness!!

  5. It is my right to keep my God given DNA and to not put substance into my body that is not guaranteed to help me…..just as I have the right to turn down medications and any surgery….
    I will not receive the vaccination due to my rights and my Christian beliefs !!!
    Shame on the people trying to force it on anyone especially our children ! It is our choice !!!

    1. True people are part of an experiment for the gene treatment therapy . If it turns bad doctors and hospital won’t be hold accountable because you were volunteer to do it.
      B Bmb

  6. This arse backwards. The default is we are free to decide for ourselves. Not that the employer decides whether or not we can carve out an exemption from THEIR default position of indiscriminate vaccination.

    Creed or not, medical condition or not, it is your bloody right to choose to get the shot or to not get the shot. That is the default.

    A person can decide to get the shot for health reasons, for social reasons — i.e. hopes of regaining some freedom to travel and the like, or for any or no reason.

    A person can likewise decide against the shot for any or no reason.

    This is not the business of the employer.

    Further, there is no rational purpose in coercing employees on this nonsense. There is no balancing of rights against public safety on these experimental gene therapies.

    The employers who are imposing this are doing so unlawfully. The onus is on THEM to justify the policy with policy-grade scientific or medical evidence. Of course they can not do that. So they make empty assertions and attach stupid ideas to stupid ideas and then resort to cajoling, bribing, threatening, and coercing employees as if THAT was a good idea.

    Nope, just another stupid idea thrown into the mix.

    1. Yes! Creed or not, medical condition or not, it is my bloody right to choose to get the shot or to not get the shot.

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