2 thoughts on “TDSB Reverses Vaccine Policy to Honour Ontario Human Rights Code Exemptions”

  1. This arse backwards. The default is we are free to decide for ourselves. Not that the employer decides whether or not we can carve out an exemption from THEIR default position of indiscriminate vaccination.

    Creed or not, medical condition or not, it is your bloody right to choose to get the shot or to not get the shot. That is the default.

    A person can decide to get the shot for health reasons, for social reasons — i.e. hopes of regaining some freedom to travel and the like, or for any or no reason.

    A person can likewise decide against the shot for any or no reason.

    This is not the business of the employer.

    Further, there is no rational purpose in coercing employees on this nonsense. There is no balancing of rights against public safety on these experimental gene therapies.

    The employers who are imposing this are doing so unlawfully. The onus is on THEM to justify the policy with policy-grade scientific or medical evidence. Of course they can not do that. So they make empty assertions and attach stupid ideas to stupid ideas and then resort to cajoling, bribing, threatening, and coercing employees as if THAT was a good idea.

    Nope, just another stupid idea thrown into the mix.

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