5 thoughts on “Intense Public Backlash Causes Huron College to Deny Firing Dr. Julie Ponesse”

  1. As a then refugee escaping, yes escaping not emigrating, from Estonia at six months of age with my family, being saved by God through being on literally the last train from Estonia, Tallinn to be exact, on Sep. 21/44 mere hours from when the Communists entered Tallinn, and subsequently spending 7 years under US protection in Germany as a refugee, we came to Canada to become citizens, living in freedom.
    Does anyone really think that I would forsake that hard gained freedom by giving it up to some who knows what secret agenda driven individuals representing who knows what secret society dedicated to unfreedoming Canadians? Hell no. I love Canada.

  2. Sharon Graham Sargent

    So this university has revealed itself as unethical and also lying. Hang in there with a very watchful eye because now you KNOW. Keep lots of notes of days, times and what is happening. Advice from my husband who has a PhD and I have 8 years of post secondary education as well as having been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for some of my work.

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