Police Take Truckers’ Fuel, But “We Won Big”

Last night at the Marriot Hotel parking lot on Coventry Rd., Ottawa, where truckers are now living, police came and seized fuel from truckers. It was all an elaborate attempt to provoke truckers into a reaction that would suit the current false narrative of “violent” and “racist” protesters.

The truckers, however, held the line and peacefully engaged with police and did not allow for the photo op that they may have been looking for to propagandize across mainstream media.

“This was our biggest win yet.”

#freedomconvoy #truckersforfreedom

3 thoughts on “Police Take Truckers’ Fuel, But “We Won Big””

  1. Sometimes it’s not the war you win but every battle… that’s what counts One at a time.. hold the line

  2. I hope they got their names and number for down the road and a video for courts would also be great to share with everybody, majority of the officers see the big picture but there is a few that wouldn’t see nothing if they stumbled over it, good work truckers as they say hold the line, time will be on our side and judgement is coming

  3. It would have been great to havr the video of the Ttuckers and Policr Officers engaging with voice and all.

    Spy cam ?!

    I believe in Truckers.
    I believe in FREEDOM.
    I believe in the New World.


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