[PRESS CONFERENCE] Freedom Convoy 2022 – Feb. 6

“A presser from the freedom convoy addressing some of the concerns including the Ottawa Mayor declaring a state of emergency. Also discussed is the actions taken by the Ottawa police and how it impacts the convoy.”

8 thoughts on “[PRESS CONFERENCE] Freedom Convoy 2022 – Feb. 6”

  1. Please help us get back to ‘normal’ and get vaxxed. It is so selfish of you not to. We are protecting you – why not protect us. Because of you we have lost loved ones but I am pretty sure you will not take the blame for the deaths and misery you have caused. One day you will realize the damage you have done and find you have a lot to answer for. God bless you all and stay safe among the crowds.

    1. Lives were taken all right, but not by the people. The government did this. The sooner you realize the scope of the tyranny, the sooner we can all unite under the freedom banner and heal.

    2. By the way, Laurie. If you believe the Vax are so protective, presumably because you have freely taken it, which is your choice, and because you presumably believe that they are so effective, why are you still concerned for your safety from those who have opted to choose differently?

      Some of us have chosen NOT to take the vax because we do not feel safe taking them. We are not sick. We are not lepers. We cannot possibly spread the disease. The science is now telling us that if you are not showing symptoms, you cannot possibly be able to spread the disease. On the other hand, those who have been vaxed, thinking that they are protected, has been shown to be the primary spreaders of the disease.

      We are not the ones threatening your safety.

  2. Thank you so much. Your bravery and loyalty to Canadians and our rights makes me tear up w/ gratitude. This is going to be an amazing chapter in the history books.

  3. Dr Hutcherson, I have watched you fighting trying to get the hypnotized population to wake up, when you fought with the Edmonton City council and their “muzzle mandates. You pleaded with the so called leaders to stop the criminal behaviour as our Freedoms and rights werebeing eroded. Sir, I say Thankyou to you and your medical colleagues who together with our nation’s heroes Our beautiful TRUCKERS ‘Canada’s Life Blood” are fighting for our FREEDOM not only as a nation but for the world. May God bless you and every volunteer,trucker and supporters. Yesterday Dr Reiner Fuellmich (top German lawyer who successfully took on Deutsche Bank andVW)began his Grand Jury trial for vaccine crimes against humanity Nurnberg 2.0. This for people around the world.He together with scientists , doctors, lawyers and specialists from around the world , are aware and have major evidence about what is driving this and the people involved knowingly committing these crimes and their end game. It it comforting to know we have everyone of you helping us fight and stop the tyranny. THANKYOU ALL

  4. Thank you Truckers! You are true Canadians and we support you to the end. We owe you a lot. But shame on the news media for their biased reporting that is shameful. Let’s see more sensible politicians come to their senses and really see what needs fixing here for our future! Pierre, where are you?

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