We Are Not Terrorists – Ex-RCMP for Freedom Convoy 2022

Ex-RCMP Officer Danny Bulford has been working extensively with the Freedom Convoy 2022 organizing team and police to ensure a peaceful and safe event for Ottawa citizens, truckers and supporters.

In this press release, Bulford addresses citizens of Ottawa, the false govt and media narrative and his extensive background in counter-terrorism tactics.

18 thoughts on “We Are Not Terrorists – Ex-RCMP for Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. Freedom is only earned in Authoritarian countries. Our Freedoms in Canada are guaranteed by our constitution. If you believe or say otherwise you are disseminating an authoritarian/fascist point of view that Canadian soldiers fought and died defending us against.

  2. Trudeau is a Canadian hero that brings us altogether. He is not a traitor and saying so only shows the lack of class and arrogance you have.

    I stand with Trudeau!

    Trudeau is truth!

    1. Your hero Trudeau is a traitor, a liar who only cares to please Klaus Schwab in Davos. Your hero is a mentally ill racist full of anger. Therefore, would it be too much to ask you to @#$% off and leave us alone?

    2. Are you on the same planet as the rest of us. Trudeau is a TYRANNT. He supported BLM and I saw the riots and vandalism, yet he cannot address a peaceful rally. Everyday I watch life streams from the Truckers for Freedom Rally and everyone is having fun, you can feel the love for one another. I turn on the National, CTV… and it’s one lie after another. Wake up, Trudeau, Marron, the New Zealand PM… they’ve all kissed Klaus Schwab’s ring and Social Media Platforms are peddling their Fascist propaganda.

  3. I am truly grateful for the Freedom Convoy Movement, it has sparked the unity Canadians (& the world) has needed to address the obvious incompetence/mishandling of the ‘pandemic’. It’s provided a voice for so many people who have felt isolated, abandoned, marginalized, segregated, discriminated against, manipulated, coerced, used & abused by government overreach. The PM must end all unlawful mandates/ uphold the constitution or resign/ be removed.
    Politicians work for the people; truckers, farmers, Doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, pilots etc who have all been forced to submit to experimental medical procedures or lose their career. The majority of Canadians & the rest of the world love, support & commend our truckers… true heroes! The people have spoken.

  4. We will listen to your good advice with patience as also the convoy wishes and when there is the right time we all want to arrest these tyrants one at a time and throw them in a jail cell for their crimes, the new law guilty till you prove yourself innocent. I wish the military and police would lock down all airports on tyrants that are trying to leave as there cracks are showing

    1. The only tyrants are the truck drivers holding out dear capital hostage. They need to leave now! Leave, go back to your homes, get the jab and you will get your freedom back. Freedom is earned by doing your duty in society and following those elected officials. They know what is best for Canadians, especially the Liberal party. They are for all Canadians!!!

      1. The only one who needs to leave now is you, Rog! Go back to Trudeau, hold his hand, get another jab and another and another. I lived in a communist country for 27 years, I know what it is living without freedom, you don’t. Your tyrant Trudeau and his Liberal party sure know what is best for Canadians, they divided us.

      2. Rog Whit, what are you on, Glue??? Two weeks to flatten the curve, get the Vax and you’ll get your life back. Oops, it didn’t work, get jab 2 and you’ll get a passport so you can eat out, go to a theater, a gym. Oops, it didn’t work, but jab 3 will do the trick. RIGHT!! During all this, restaurants and gyms were closed to EVERYONE. So much for your ridiculous passport. Trudeau has referred to the unjabbed as racist, misogynist.. people with unacceptable views. That’s a TYRANNT not a leader. He’s a disgrace. Are you even aware that his wife left him, but does photo ops with him for his image? Ya, he got caught with a minor. Get off the Glue and do some research. Stats from VAERS on the CDC Website as of Jan. 31/22: Over 1 million side effects from the jab and over 20,000 deaths. There’s more like disabilities, miscarriages (which they call spontaneous abortions), stillborns… Put the Glue and Popcorn down and research the facts. Save yourself because your buddy Trudeau is finished. He’ll be in jail for crimes against Canadian Citizens.

      3. Get your life back – did you get yours back YET??? Just checking

        And let’s have a look at Trudeau himself who took 2 shots+ booster and then HE and his FAMILY got Covid? Everyone around me is getting Covid – IN FACT I knew only 2 people in the first year that got Covid BEFORE ever being jabbed! Now just about everyone I know is either getting Covid or their family is and when it goes one by one in a larger family – those JABBED AND BOOSTED now are staying home isolated for 2-3 and 4 weeks!
        But sure sure – it works eh?

  5. “The only real threat to our country at this moment and our democracy is the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government.” Ex Counter -Terrorism RCMP member Danny Bulford

    Time for the docile and ignorant masses of Canadians to rise up and turf Turdo the traitor.

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