We Are Not Terrorists – Ex-RCMP for Freedom Convoy 2022

Ex-RCMP Officer Danny Bulford has been working extensively with the Freedom Convoy 2022 organizing team and police to ensure a peaceful and safe event for Ottawa citizens, truckers and supporters.

In this press release, Bulford addresses citizens of Ottawa, the false govt and media narrative and his extensive background in counter-terrorism tactics.

15 thoughts on “We Are Not Terrorists – Ex-RCMP for Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. Freedom is only earned in Authoritarian countries. Our Freedoms in Canada are guaranteed by our constitution. If you believe or say otherwise you are disseminating an authoritarian/fascist point of view that Canadian soldiers fought and died defending us against.

  2. I am truly grateful for the Freedom Convoy Movement, it has sparked the unity Canadians (& the world) has needed to address the obvious incompetence/mishandling of the ‘pandemic’. It’s provided a voice for so many people who have felt isolated, abandoned, marginalized, segregated, discriminated against, manipulated, coerced, used & abused by government overreach. The PM must end all unlawful mandates/ uphold the constitution or resign/ be removed.
    Politicians work for the people; truckers, farmers, Doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, pilots etc who have all been forced to submit to experimental medical procedures or lose their career. The majority of Canadians & the rest of the world love, support & commend our truckers… true heroes! The people have spoken.

  3. We will listen to your good advice with patience as also the convoy wishes and when there is the right time we all want to arrest these tyrants one at a time and throw them in a jail cell for their crimes, the new law guilty till you prove yourself innocent. I wish the military and police would lock down all airports on tyrants that are trying to leave as there cracks are showing

  4. “The only real threat to our country at this moment and our democracy is the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government.” Ex Counter -Terrorism RCMP member Danny Bulford

    Time for the docile and ignorant masses of Canadians to rise up and turf Turdo the traitor.

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