Solomon & Reinhard Destroy Police & Media Narrative of “Racist” & “Violent” Freedom Convoy 2022

Solomon and Reinhard shared their reasons for attending and personal experiences of #freedomconvoy2022 yesterday from Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

#truckersforfreedom #freedomconvoy

6 thoughts on “Solomon & Reinhard Destroy Police & Media Narrative of “Racist” & “Violent” Freedom Convoy 2022”

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  2. LIBERAL – Definition
    1) A Progressive,
    2) Someone who will not pay for an expensive N95 mask, but will gladly impinge on someone else’s Freedom, by insisting that they too participate in VIRTUE SIGNALING.
    Canada’s Truckers did not receive a 4-year University INDOCTRINATION and are still very capable of thinking for themselves. They are very independent minded and are not the type of people who like having a boss looking over their shoulders. And they are not alone. Note how quickly Farmers from right across Canada have rushed to their sides.
    In the next week or so Canadians will learn just how foolish a Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is. Throughout the History of the Western World those fighting for Freedom have always won and Trudeau has picked a fight that he is certain to lose.
    The Truckers have issued their Declaration of Independence.

  3. ‘Safe and Effective’ Justine and his death and disability mandate:
    Latest data reported on 28 January 2022:
    EU/EEA/Switzerland to 15 January 2022 – 37,927 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 3,354,705 injuries, per EudraVigilance Database.
    UK to 5 January 2022 – 1,982 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 1,414,293 injuries, per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.
    USA to 7 January 2022 – 21,745 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 4,986,087 injuries, per VAERS database.
    TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 61,654 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 9,755,085 injuries reported as at 28 January 2022.

    Only a small percentage of deaths and adverse events are reported and recorded.
    According to the latest report by VAERS:
    “There have been more deaths, more permanent disabilities, and more hospitalizations following the experimental COVID-19 vaccines [ in the US,alone ], than there have been following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 31 years combined.”

  4. First the narrative was called “an occupation” then it changed to “a city under siege” now its labeled “an insurrection style J6″ even saying it is now ” illegal for police to support/assist the truckers” . Can anyone see the set-up to calling in the military to legitimize force? Remember Ghandi Peaceful Resistence

  5. Yeah,real Canadians speaking truth instead of lies and medical double-speak BS meant to enslave us and destroy our nation for Trudo’s Davos masters.
    Resign,Justine. You are a traitor to freedom and Canada.

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