Ottawa Under Seige With Insurrection of Revellers and Bouncy Castles

The misinformation campaign against peaceful Freedom Convoy 2022 supporters is a stain upon humanity, as govt, police and mainstream media continue to slander and misrepresent what’s truly happening in downtown Ottawa: Canadians, vaccinated and unvaccinated, are gathering together to win back their stolen freedoms.

Most recently, University of Ottawa Assistant Professor Regina Bateson (@regina_bateson) tweeted, “Chair of #Ottawa police services board calls this “an insurrection;” police chief Sloly says “this is a city under siege, this is a threat to democracy, this is a nationwide insurrection, this is madness.””

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11 thoughts on “Ottawa Under Seige With Insurrection of Revellers and Bouncy Castles”

  1. Thank you Bright Light News for reporting the truth, you are an inspiration… the Politicians & Lamestream Media are a disgrace and an embarrassment … thank you truckers for uniting Canadians… you are our heroes!

  2. The simple fact that chairman Trudeau is not listening to the people, is more than reason enough to unseat him and all his woke cronies. Your lies at’ t going to pull you out of this one Injustine ! I hope the next government of Canada reinstates the laws of treason, extortion and freedom !

  3. “Chair of #Ottawa police services board calls this “an insurrection;” police chief Sloly says “this is a city under siege, this is a threat to democracy, this is a nationwide insurrection, this is madness.”” This is exactly what the vaccine mandates are – a threat to democracy, a nationwide insurrection, and more than just madness, it is plain evil and chief Sloly is in the wrong occupation if he really believes what he is saying.

    I don’t think we can get back to normal now until people like Sloly, all the ministers of health and chief medical officers, premiers and mayors and our Prime Minister are held accountable for the crimes committed nationwide against the citizens of Canada. The world wars were fought to supposedly end this kind of tyranny so if there are no repercussions for the people who took away our freedom then the thousands of Canadians who gave their lives for our freedom will be all for naught.

    1. You are over the target,Mark. I was explaining to my triple jabbed brother that our Grandfather was shot below the heart coming out of a trench is France in WW2 at that age of 16 for my freedom.
      I detest having a drama teacher calling me a racist,misogynist ,tin foil hat ,wasting space Canadian to understand whom he is representing.
      It isn’t my grandfather or all the Canadians he is now dividing,segregating and punishing to implement the Davos Agenda.
      You’re done,Turdo. Repeal the mandates and resign , you traitor.

  4. Talking about Misinformation and Misunderstanding!! It continues to be very disheartening when the words “Insurrection” are mentioned about the Freedom Convoy. It appears the city is misled and the country misled about why Truckers made Huge Sacrifices personally, professionally and financially to travel across country without any assurances or guarantees about what would occur… only with 1 goal and major commitmrnt… LEAVE WHEN – AND ONLY WHEN!! – CANADA HAS RECLAIMED HER FREEDOM AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS BACK!!

    1. The truckers are number 1 in my eyes and also all that stand with in front, back, beside and every where around them, too bad for the minority that can’t see the writing in the wall if they ever will, their the devils work and it shows. Go Freedom go, slaves stand aside ,let the real men get the job done as it always is and will be

      1. You are correct Bluearea, the truckers , to me, personify what Canadians are and what makes us different from others. They are the real heros and I think if they didn’t act to stand up against our government we would be in a sorry state right now. At least they have given us hope that this nonsense will end soon and I think the signs are pointing to this now.

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