9 thoughts on “PM Justin Trudeau, Champion of Equity, Has “No Sympathy” for the Unvaccinated”

  1. If you talk to someone who works for an airline or someone who runs a restaurant, they’ll tell you — when customers don’t feel safe, they don’t show up. That’s why vaccines are so important. It’s not just about protecting each other. It’s about our economy, and helping it get back on track.

    I’ve been clear – we’re going to do everything we can to keep Canadians safe, and our economy open. We’ll fund proof-of-vaccination credentials in any province or territory that wants one, so that businesses can make sure their customers are fully vaccinated. We’ll require mandatory vaccinations for anyone travelling on planes, trains, and cruise ships. We’ll continue securing enough vaccines and booster shots so that anyone who needs one can get one. That’s what we need to do to put this pandemic behind us. That’s how we’re going to move forward. For everyone

    –Justin Trudeau

    This man speaks real wisdom. Perhaps if you had 2 working ears you would understand.

    1. I’m sure your ears are working just fine, but your mind is probably already damaged by the two (or three, four?) time bombs they call ‘vaccines’ that you’ve undoubtedly taken… I feel so sorry for all you ignorant folks, including almost all of my family and friends, who love to travel and only listen to the official narrative that’s completely, 200% covid-19 vaccine orientated… Follow the money, follow the powerful and you’ll be following the evil forces that are behind this global madness… I’ve been studying this (and other, similar narratives/agenda’s) from the beginning, and the inconsistencies were there from the first months. No vaccine for me and my family (my wife and kid), no time bomb in our bodies…

  2. The ‘CV19 virus’ has never been isolated, purified, identified- therefore no test can test for it and no ‘vaccination’ can work against it. It may have been released as a bio-weapon but was transmuted very quickly by ‘other agencies’. What was left was/is a slightly stronger than average influenza. But still, the dark ball has rolled based on the refusal to admit that the bio-weapon was rendered futile, as that wrecked the dark plans to reduce humanity and control the remainder.

    AUTHENTIC doctors, professors, virologists, epidemiologist and more have been telling the public and planetary governments of this since last year.. The fact that they have blatantly ignored all should be proof to anyone who bothers to investigate why humanity is being attacked.

    As the many legal cases are now in process, we can expect the truth to be forced out.

  3. Well, first of all, how much time did you bother to do any kind of intellectual, actually research on this virus? Also, have you taken the time to study any viruses? If you have not given it a try, you should not be speaking in this matter, if you do have that info/knowledge Most effective vaccines have taken anywhere from 20-25-30 years to be effective, with the LEAST side effects. This “vaccine”, suddenly appears in 6 months, not properly, clinically tested, no data comes out to back them properly. Plus, the few animals studies they did, they all when to heaven. Studies need to be done, all age groups they want to give this”shot”to accordingly, to their present health/mental conditions.

  4. Medical choices are private. If anyone thinks Trudeau has the right to coerce them into taking something into their body that they don’t want, all you have to do is watch the same idiot’s address to the nation about vaccine’s in May.

    Roger Whit, if I ever meet you it will be too soon.

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