Pharma’s Playbook Exposed: From Ivermectin & Vitamin D to a Revelation on Homeopathy

From exaggerated modelling data forecasting apocalyptic death tolls to the unprecedented and improper use of the PCR test to identify “positive Covid-19 cases” to people dying “with” and not from Covid to the lies of asymptomatic spread, masks and lockdowns started by a “novel” coronavirus to govt-funded fear campaigns…Covid-19 exposed one chilling and undeniable fact: modern medicine is corrupt and dangerous.

The aforementioned helped fool an unsuspecting public into mass compliance, hatred for the unwilling and, more detrimentally, coerced a willingness to take one of the most dangerous medical products ever created: the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccine.” Its harms will and can never be fully understood. The trust we held in public health came crashing down the longer the response to Covid-19 unfolded, as legions of experts began see and understand the extent of corruption in medicine and its captured regulatory agencies and institutions.

The highly unscientific response to Covid, dubbed a “killing field” by Dr. Denis Rancourt, pushed by govts, health agencies and a colluding media and spearheaded by Big Pharma, multilateral organizations and vaccine people with global influence, like Pfizer, the WHO, WEF, Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci and the W.H.O. unwittingly opened the eyes of many to understand that the science underlying almost every pill and needle we took was underlined by fraudulent science and a very few willing to dangerously put profits before people. At long last, an ethical army of doctors and scientists cannot unsee the Covid corruption and have correctly spurred a lost of trust in public health.

“Some corporations manipulate science and scientists to distort the truth about the dangers of their products, using a set of tactics made famous decades ago by the tobacco industry. We call these tactics the Disinformation Playbook.”

The lesson of the fraudulent Covid pandemic is that we need to reexamine everything that we believe about medicine and unflinchingly use a critical eye to question what science and govt policies have been bought, including the most maligned systems of medicine, homeopathy. (Ask yourself, “Why is homeopathy simultaneously criticized by the scientific world for being “just water,” that is, biologically implausible, while federal health agencies, like Health Canada and the FDA, threaten its withdrawal from the marketplace because of toxicity concerns?)

The poignant revelations on Big Pharma’s use of the “Disinformation Playbook” from Dr. Pierre Kory on Bret Weinstein’s Darkhorse Podcast, detailing the systemic sidelining of effective, low-cost off-patent treatments, like Ivermectin and Vitamin D, in favor of more lucrative patented drugs, like Covid mRNA “vaccines,” Remdesivir (or “run death is near,” as dubbed by some nurses in Covid hospitals) and one of the most toxic drugs, Paxlovid, serve as a wakeup call for people to deliberately live their lives, painstakingly researching every choice made going forward. The warning extends to the media we consume, as clearly outlined by Rodney Palmer’s scathing critique of media censorship, “the new superweapon,” from a recent Senator Ron Johnson public event in which succinctly stated, “The news anchors are now the finger on the trigger in that game of Russian roulette.” He later illustrated the decline of ethics in media asking why complementary and centuries-old treatments like homeopathy have been unjustly attacked and ridiculed, despite its potential benefits. Such disinformation tactics, reminiscent of strategies historically employed by industries like tobacco, now pervade the healthcare sector and beyond where massive profits lure corporate execs and supragovernmental organizations, like the UN.

Amidst such glaring realities and increasing skepticism, homeopathy—a medical practice that treats patients with highly diluted substances aiming to trigger the body’s natural system of healing—emerges as a field meriting deeper exploration and understanding as well as the many other natural therapies with extensive peer-reviewed literature, like naturopathy, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine.

A monument for the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, resides in Washington, DC, on the east side of Scott Circle.

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