Asymptomatic People Don’t Spread Covid-19…Masks & Lockdowns Not Needed

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, says, “[Covid-19] does not transmit asymptomatically.” Even the WHO agrees.

For people who are perfectly well, masks and lockdowns don’t accomplish anything because they’re not sick.

So why do govts continue to enforce these unscientific measures?

3 thoughts on “Asymptomatic People Don’t Spread Covid-19…Masks & Lockdowns Not Needed”

  1. The COWARD-19 operation is medical tyranny and genocide.
    Nonetheless, the headline claim here is too sweeping. It contradicts evidence that vaccinated people are spreading the virus asymptomatically. This can happen because the shots suppress their symptoms, allowing viral loads to climb much higher than in unvaksed people before the vaksed person realizes they are sick. It’s the same argument that was used to counter the only evidence the mainstream has ever presented in favor of asymptomatic transmission — ONE CASE where a German woman was thought to have transmitted the virus asymptomatically. It was later discovered and admitted that she had been taking an antihistamine or something else that suppressed her symptoms.
    We can’t have it both ways. If anyone can spread COVID asymptomatically, we need to specify who those people are, rather than denying it across the board. And certainly, if we can prove that vaccinated people are spreading COVID asymptomatically, it helps the case against getting jabbed.

    1. Agreed. There was no such thing as asymptomatic transmission until these biological weapons were forced upon the people. Now it exists through the mechanism you just described. Temporary suppression of symptoms, while the viral load goes sky high. And antibody dependent enhancement later. You’re then a pharma customer for life. Until death do you part. Good luck to all the people who voluntarily line up to get shot.

      1. You are a fool. Clearly listen to too much Alex Jones and Coast to Coast AM.
        Grow up, this is no the god dam X-Files! The Vax has saved lives and all you tin foil hat nut jobs can’t see it. At least with segregation measures in place I dont have to listen to you at a restaurant or when I go to the pub for a beer., spreading poison and lies. If I had my way I would parade all the non-vaxed down the street like in Game of Thrones and have all the bystanders yell “Shame! Shame! Shame!”. Because that’s what you all are to society…a dam shame.

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