Censorship: The New Superweapon -Ex-CBC/CTV Journalist Rodney Palmer

“I respectfully recommend that the Senate investigate the role of American television news networks, colluding with pharmaceutical advertisers, to skirt the FDA laws that require them to declare the known risks of a pharmaceutical product. This investigation should extend to any reporters, news anchors, editors, and executives who lied to their audience about the safety of the COVID vaccines.” With this compelling call to action, Rodney Palmer, a journalist with over twenty years of experience, including roles at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and as a foreign correspondent for CTV News, addressed the serious issue of media manipulation and censorship at Senator Ron Johnson’s event, “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?”

Palmer accused the media of silencing expert voices critical of COVID vaccines, contributing to a large-scale deception. He pointed out the alarming statistics in Canada, where hundreds have died following vaccination, information routinely ignored or censored by the media. By promoting the narrative of vaccines being safe without presenting the associated risks, the media, Palmer argued, played a significant role in these deaths.

He further criticized the unique situation in the United States, where direct sponsorship of news by vaccine companies creates a conflict of interest, preventing the media from investigating and reporting on significant health and safety concerns. Palmer’s testimony underscored the grave impact of media censorship and propaganda on public health and the essential need for a thorough investigation into the media’s practices concerning pharmaceutical advertising. His remarks resonate deeply with those concerned about media integrity and the unbiased reporting of critical health issues.

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