[INTERVIEW] Pandemic Policies Caused A Humanitarian Catastrophe -Dr Pierre Kory

[Iguazu Falls, Brazil] Watch the interview that Dr. Pierre Kory loved and had tweeted by his FLCCC team.

“Not even a question,” responded Dr. Pierre Kory, MD & President of the Front Line Covid-19 Care Alliance, when asked if the “pandemic” should’ve been extinguished a long time ago. But due to the war on Ivermectin, unscientific pandemic policies and the rot of corruption having deeply rooted in govts and all major influential industries, including medicine and media, Dr. Kory asserts that a humanitarian crisis is well underway due to the elephant in the room now taking lives and injuring millions, Covid-19 “vaccines.”

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December 8, 2020 | Clip Of Medical Response to COVID-19: Dr. Pierre Kory

4 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] Pandemic Policies Caused A Humanitarian Catastrophe -Dr Pierre Kory”

  1. How do we organize? How do we get all citizens who value their freedom together in a fight together against the government that is killing us? They want us to believe we have no power. But I heard Dr V Shiva say we are many who can stand up to a few. Peace

  2. Wendy Chabaniuk

    My friend is dying of Dementia since taking all the shots and boosters. My other friend was diagnosed with the rarest blood leukaemia every found since taking her shots and boosters.

    This is genocide is correct. They need to be held accountable for killing and maiming so many people. Leaving them at a state of no reversing the diagnosis or cancer is just horribly wrong. Setting up a covid side effect fund, just isn’t going to cut by the Trudeau Government. They set out to murder many to desize our population. By lying to the world that these vaccinations /inoculations were the answer for covid. While refusing to allow the world to see the potential side effects, we’re held in a vault. A Federal Court Junction forced the release of the side effects. After Canada sold out Pfizer and Moderna to China.

    Canada tried to cover its ass, but guess what? The truth is out. Get a lawyer if any of your loved ones have died from covid shots. Babies, children, athletes and just normal general healthy people are dropping dead like flies. These governments around the world had a plan. We were part of that plan and they need to be stopped. There killers, knowing well in advance what this would do to man, woman and child kind.

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