Global Walkout Against Globalist Organizations Planned

The organization, Reignite Democracy Australia, is planning a 1-day global walkout against “globalist organizations” that have captured govts and destroyed constitutional freedoms and human rights. The date will be announced once enough participants have registered.

“Pledge your participation here –

A unified, global one-day event and convoy to your capital city. Let’s send them a message they can’t ignore. This is the official launch of a new global network to push back against globalist organizations like The World Health Organization (WHO) and The World Economic Forum (WEF). These globalist organizations are to blame for the increase in our living expenses and the new climate policies pushing farmers out of business. The walkout date will be announced once we have enough pledges worldwide. So pledge now, so we can walkout soon!”

#GlobalWalkout #StopGlobalism

11 thoughts on “Global Walkout Against Globalist Organizations Planned”

  1. Perhaps the global walkout should include everyone attending and supporters who can’t attend to turn off smartphones and disconnect from the network. That would help to send a message that we little people can easily turn the globalists off whenever we want to.

  2. I don’t quite understand ‘the pledge’…for non Australians. For Canadians and US Americans, well, our countries are vast. To travel from west coast BC or even from Alberta or from Saskatchewan to Ottawa is major. We can’t arrive in trucks, they won’t let us pass. Does the ‘pledge’ from us register support to the give the Australians the numbers to do their protest, or does our response to pledge mean we ourselves are committing to head off to OTTAWA /WASHINGTON DC on the date the Australians set for this protest?

  3. I haven’t received my ballot for the Conservative leadership race yet, and I’ve been trying to contact someone in the Conservative Party to ensure that it hasn’t been lost or stolen. (Yes, we’ve had issues with stolen ballots before.) The response? Nada. Zilch. Nothing. (Which is exactly the level of disinterested incompetence I’d expect from the Liberals and the NDP.) That said, they seem to have unlimited amounts of time and energy to spam me for donations. The Conservatives need to prove they’re different, and I’m just not seeing it. Maybe I should just destroy my ballot when/if I do receive it, huh? (I can file the $15 I spent on an LCPC membership under “Lessons Learned”.)

    1. Emailing Pierre Poilievre’s campaign directly got me a response. Well, imagine that! Wanna guess who I’m voting for and why? (Hint: It sure as hell isn’t the LCPC!) Let’s see how much we can get done with a good man at the helm of a bad organization. (Those are our choices with the three main parties now: 1) CINO – bad, 2) Libtard – much worse, and 3) Dipper – much, much worse.) A strong, confident, focused individual at the helm of the CPC worked amazingly well with Stephen Harper in charge—so now it’s time to give Pierre Poilievre a chance. (Hey, he even takes the time to reply to constituents…and that’s something we haven’t seen since Rob Ford!)

  4. “A unified, global one-day event and convoy to your capital city. ”
    In Canada, this can’t be Ottawa, too far for the majority, for a one day event. ” Even the provincial capital is quite far for most. So where should the rest of the people go? Their local City/Town Hall, or their local protest location?

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