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After creating the stunning viral video that got Dr. Robert Malone kicked off Twitter, The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good, the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) has produced another important video, Stop the Shot. “This 15-minute video is prepared by the medical experts at the CCCA, which includes pediatricians, immunologists, and vaccinologists. It summarizes the evidence in everyday language to help parents make an informed choice on whether or not to give their children a COVID-19 genetic vaccine.”

You can also download the “It’s Time to Stop the Shots” flyer and Letter to Officials written by the CCCA. More on the #StopTheShots campaign here at the CCCA website.

As an update, Health Canada has authorized the use of the Moderna Covid-19 “vaccine” for children 6-months to 5-years-old.

16 thoughts on “It’s Time to #StopTheShots -Canadian Covid Care Alliance”

  1. I simply cannot fathom how any supposedly rational, thinking individual could allow their children to be injected with experimental—and proven harmful via VAERS and other reporting systems—gene therapies of “dubious efficacy”.

  2. This sounds like controlled opposition.

    A virus is a theoretical concept that has never, let me repeat that, NEVER been proven to be real or to exist. The same is true of antibodies. Until proven otherwise, it is simply wrong to promote – and doing so constitutes real scientific fraud – to promote the falsehood that viruses are real. Virology is a house of cards, built on one fictitious concept after another.

    So we have a video that only seems to discredit the current round of covid clot-shots but protects the fundamental and core fraud and lies of virology and medicine in general.

    Here is a good introduction to this fraud:

    1. I find people who don’t believe in viruses to be super strict. They then think everyone who does believe in viruses to be controlled opposition. If this was true then the terrain theory people would be a very very very very very small group of people with NO support.
      All they stand to do is divide our pro choice/anti mandate group up further.
      Ian, please accept people for who they are and what they believe. I have followed the Covid Care Alliance from it’s inception. They will be convincing far more people to think for themselves and not blindly follow this government prescription agenda.
      I don’t particularity believe in any religion but would not call people with a religious perception on this plandemic “controlled opposition”.
      English and French may not be the BEST languages in the world, nor the language that you, Ian, prefer to speak, but the CCA website is available in both English and French because the vast majority of Canadians speak those two languages.
      The goal is to communicate in ANY WAY POSSIBLE to the masses that this pandemic response is a fraud in the most simplest terms that they can understand. Introducing terrain theory now, to the sheeple, is just going to shut down their brains and we will loose them.
      The CCA’s message is NOT for you. It’s not for anyone on this webpage. It is a message for us to pass on to the people who do believe in viruses.

      Our shared values should transcend diversity.

      1. I find people that believe in viruses are super airy-fairy. They will believe unicorn kill people if enough people nod their heads in dumbfounding agreement, even when there is no proof for the existence of unicorns. Rather condescending, don’t you think?

        CCA’s states/claims it position is strictly scientifically based. So it is immediately trying to establish and convince us of its credibility. On the one hand, it states the covid pandemic is a global fraud. On the other hand, it clearly promotes and protects the core message of virology that viruses are real and that they are pathogenic. Viruses are nothing more than an theoretical construct. At this point, we must consider the real possibility that any organization that does not acknowledge this fact is controlled opposition with it mission being to protect the fraudulent core tenet of virology.

        There is ONLY ONE WAY that we, the little people from the street, can win this war against the depraved ideology and tyranny of Technocracy and Transhumanism. We must bring all our resistance groups together to fight as one with a common vision and direction. I don’t see CCA working towards uniting us. What I do see it CCA fighting a turf war. To be fair, it is not the only “resistance group” that is fighting its turf war.

        1. Sincere question, not a troll– if viruses do not exist, but a number of deadly historic diseases, small pox for example, are not bacterial infections what were/are they? If any scientist who speaks of viruses as real is to be dismissed as a fraud then are you saying that highly educated and intelligent doctors such as Drs Yeadon, Cole, Trozzi, McCullough, Mikovits, Kory, Bhakdi and Bridle are all either deceived or lying? Is it possible that getting bogged down in specious theorizing is a distraction from the main issue which you rightly identify as the total enslavement of the survivors of this cull? No doubt the demented demoniacs behind the NWO would be thrilled if we wasted time debating the existence/non-existence of certain invisible pathogens. The purpose of covid, whatever it actually is/was is to force the jab is to force the social credit score is to force the digital ID and currency is to bring us under the yoke of absolute tyrrany. In light of that maybe most else pales in comparison. My two cents worth.

          1. Correction: I meant to say *rarified theorizing* instead of specious which has a different definition than I had thought.

          2. Here is the context that I would encourage you to start thinking about. Scurvy was once considered to be a contagious disease. For example, if one sailor came down with it then many sailors came down with it. We now know scurvy is a caused by deficiencies in diet and that it was NEVER a contagious disease. Similar stories apply for beriberi, pellagra and other diseases. Today, most diseases are caused by toxic environmental factors and poor nutrition. There is little money to be made in correcting them. On the other hand, keeping people sick and promoting western pharmaceutical products designed to control only the SYMPTOMS of disease (but not the real cause of disease) is highly profitable and a powerful geopolitical tool (e.g. dangerous viruses lurk on everywhere and only big government, corporations can protect you).

            You asked about only one group of doctors – those that peddle the fraudulent core message of virology that viruses are real. I strong recommend you hear the other side of this story by doctors like Lanka, Kaufman, Cowan, Bailey, etc. Again, an excellent introduction can be found here:

            To keep this short, once you understand that cell cultures and electron microscopes cannot be used to prove the existence of viruses then you immediately begin to question and challenge the same group of doctors you referred to.

          3. Your assessment of the NWO is correct. Covid is an illusion designed to distract our attention away from the the tyranny and evil of Technocracy and Transhumanism. By keeping our attention fixated on a fake virus and a fake disease, we do nothing to stop the onslaught of 5G/6G, the the feudal financial control that comes with universal basic income and social credit scores, omnipresent and invasive surveillance, engineered inflation, engineered food scarcity and instability, a collapse of our rights, liberties and freedoms, etc. etc. etc.

            My opinion is your two cents offers a dollars value. If everyone thought like you and me then we would actually be winning this war against the depraved ideology of Technocracy and Transhumanism. Instead, we are losing this war and losing it badly.

            I want to believe that groups like the Canada Covid Care Alliance and Vaccine Choice Canada are on our side. But they remain largely fixated on the alleged virus and the clot shots. Form what I have observed, they seem oblivious to everything else that Technocracy and Transhumanism is forcing on us. My question is why is this?

  3. By watching and listening to Dr. Robert Malone and excellent experience from different doctors as well as him I would bet my last part of my soul on their recommendations due to the debate and proof that they do and come up with a common sense resolution with out the bull shit we hear and with no proof from either the so called medical experts of the government, show us your analysis and proof and present them to all to be awarded any creditability. If you can’t prove it then shut up

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