BLNews Round Up (July 20, 2022), Inc. Historic Italian Court Decision On Mandatory Vaccination

Now that restrictions have mostly lifted around the world (for the time being), tensions eased over the “deadly” coronavirus and the mass hysteria campaign has been offset with siege of predicted Covid “vaccine” injuries and deaths, remarkable shifts in the vaccine narrative and mandates are burgeoning from around the world. Even the triple-jabbed are questioning the narrative. Let’s hope this groundswell continues and restores the lost freedoms, livelihoods and medical autonomy of the unprecedented Covid era.

The Children’s Health Defense reports, Historic Decision Against Mandatory Vaccination by Italian Court + Covid Vaccine Risk to Human Genome Legally Established Judge: “vaccines” provoke severe adverse events, don’t prevent infection/transmission, ingredients not known = no informed consent, and therefore employees cannot be punished with job loss.

German Ministry of Health acknowledges severe adverse reactions in a tweet, “1 in 5000 people is affected by a serious side effect after a COVID19 vaccine. If you suspect side effects, get medical attention & report your symptoms to @PEI_Germany” and offers online reporting of side effects.

Appearing on a brilliant Russell Brand Interview on the Dutch protests, Vandana Shiva again shared her expertise, wisdom and hope of the current global food situation, “The corporations wrote the rules. Then it created the billionaires. Now the billionaires rule the world…[But] people have power. We’ve been made to think we’re inert…a colonization of our mind…We are powerful in the way of nonviolent resistance.”

In Canada’s quest for digital control of its citizens, the ArriveCan app has run amok, quarantining some vaccinated. A “quadruple vaccinated, has not tested positive for COVID-19 and is showing no symptoms. The border guard who waved him back into Canada last week said nothing about getting a COVID test, or quarantine, but when he got home he found an email and a notification in his ArriveCan app, telling him to stay home for two weeks.”

Is Justice returning to our legal system, as Catholic nurse wins right to be exempted from COVID vaccine? Arbitrator Robert Herman said Public Health Sudbury discriminated against the nurse when it fired her for not getting the experimental gene therapy. In rejecting her religious exemption, it interfered with “the exercise of her faith and her relationship with the divine.”

After being red-pilled in the UK, triple-vaxxed Aussie–twice with Covid–returns after 75 days and questions the govt and media fear porn. The narrative is crumbling.

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  1. That Aussie sums up True blow’s Canada to a ‘T’.
    It’s all garbage.
    He and his witch need to be tried for genocide and the ongoing destruction of Canada.
    Three summers of Covid and Trudeau is still fear mongering the country in his attempts to institute digital ID.
    Stand up for yourselves and country.

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