Pandemic of the Vaccinated Hits Ontario, 76% of Record High Cases Fully Vaccinated

The data is clear: the vaccines are failing and the pandemic of the vaccinated is here.

The response is clear: unconstitutional and coercive vaccine mandates and passport systems must stop immediately.

Ontario’s latest Dec. 23, 2021, data showed a spectacular rate of vaccine failure, as 76% of all 5,790 Covid cases (a new record high) were in the fully vaccinated. The 4,392 double-jabbed cases amount to 4.5x more cases than in the unvaccinated.

Vaccine proponents will argue that the relative number of cases within the large number of fully-vaccinated Ontarians (81% of all eligible 5+ 14.7 million people) is expected and acceptable, compared to the proportion of cases in the unvaccinated. This, however, is not the point. The vaccines are clearly failing to protect against Covid-19 infection and transmission, refuting the govt and public health mantra that Covid-19 vaccines are your best defense against Covid-19.

The pandemic of the vaccinated is here. And the vaccines must be stopped.

15 thoughts on “Pandemic of the Vaccinated Hits Ontario, 76% of Record High Cases Fully Vaccinated”

  1. Jeannine Fortier

    I have see numerous videos with front line doctors, nurses, immunologists, virologists etc from Canada and the U.S that are warning the public about the serious side effects that these vaccines are causing and some people and children have died not long after the injections. There is no reason why these professionals need to lie about what these vaccines are doing. Some have lost their licences, been threatened and shut down because they are speaking out. Yes, there are some doctors who are for the vaccines, but also have been coerced to comply with having people get the jabbed. We have a bioweapon war going on and it has created horrific problems creating segration among family members, people in general, causing emotional damage for children has caused the economy to go down the rabbit hold and I could on but I am sure most of you are aware of this. We need to stand up and fight for our freedoms, health and rights, otherwise Canada will become a communistic country if it isn’t already starting. The government and many politicians could give a dam about us. All they care about is power and control over people and more money in their pockets. There is so much corruption occurring here and around the globe and it needs to be stopped now before it is too late. WAKE UP PEOPLE it is not about health but control designed by those who desire to depopulate the world

  2. I do not believe that 81% are vaccinated that’s why radio, media pushing people to get the jabs. Sadly many lives since the beginning of this plandemic have injured many as well as many lives have been lost. Unfortunately so many have been captured by the propaganda and can’t or don’t believe that the government, health officials as well as media would push such lies. This planned agenda I believe did a test run with the masks to see how complient people would be and in less then 3 months managed to have masses of people complying no questioning what so ever. So then that’s when these jabs were pushed at warp speed and sadly many have complied to mask and jabs to the point of doing their children when if critical thinking or comm9n sense was there they would know children have never been a problem. Doctors and nurses for speaking out losing their license. Nobody even realizes history is repeating itself . Control and complience as well as depopulation are their goals .

    1. There is no other explanation other than what you said, control, compliance and depopulation. It certainly has nothing to do with maintaining good health.

  3. Today is Christmas and I am not celebrating anything, because I know Jesus will understand and forgive me that I don’t want to celebrate the death of millions of inocente people killed, murdered by these criminally insane world TEMPORARY governments around the world. I am asking Jesus to give me patience and allowed me to survive to see these criminals pay for what they are doing to humanity!

    1. News flash, Jesus is not real. What is real is this virus that is killing people and making them very sick with massive consequence after the fact. I know a marathon runner that caught COVID and she has not been able to spend more than 10 minutes on a treadmill since getting it.

      If you truly love Jesus and your brothers please get the jab!

      1. Two of my friends died of cancer December 2020. One friend got the diagnosis and died 3 weeks later. One friend got the diagnosis and died 3 days later. No one can PREDICT what underlying conditions they may have even among those who appear to be the HEALTHIEST well adjusted beautiful people.

        So when we look DEEPER here …

        … it’s prudent to reflect that MARATHON running is NOT meant to be perpetuated by any human and there are DIRE consequences associated with it. Perhaps your friend had undiagnosed heart induced damage from Marathon running and/or so many previous respiratory infections that having Covid just stressed her body beyond it’s capacity to heal. Marathon running is NOT necessarily a sign of good health – it IS however, a sign of determination, commitment and follow through that is for certain! I hope your friend recovers regardless of how she came to be so ill.

        I can’t help but ask … did your friend contract Covid AFTER the j@b like most of the people the last 3 weeks? Just curious!

  4. You know Mark, I understand what you are saying but, these “INJECTED” people (I don’t want to insult them, honest to God!) are SO ignorant, scare and self-centered that they can’t see what is going on around them. Unfortunately they are going to die one by one and it is really a shame, I hope they pass without suffering.

    1. Scared and self entered? ahahahaha you make me laugh. Quite Ironic coming from a narcissist paranoia Alex Jones tin foil hater such as yourself. If you are so dam scared of the vaccine why dont you GTFO of Canada and go live on some island away from all us normal folks. We dont want you around brining society down!

      1. Look at the rage and anger in you. I wonder if that’s how nationalist sympathizers in Germany acted towards Jews. I suppose now you know if you would have been one of the “compliant” ones during the Nazi attrocities. So un Canadian.

  5. The vaccinated can not undo the damage they have done but they can at least stand up with the unvaccinated and refuse all the boosters that are in the pipeline. It’s the quickest way to stop the criminals.

      1. Look at how mad you are at people that have made a choice different to yours. You are at the “anger” stage of your journey. Fyi.. the continent of Africa, Sweden, 2/3rds of south America , Mexico, Japan and approx half is the US have much lower vax rates , some or no mandates and have been far more open than Canada and ALL of them have far better outcomes than Canada. I understand it’s hard to hear you got fooled but no need to exude such un Canadian behaviour.

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