[VIDEO] 5 Canadian Doctors Discuss 1 Virus & A War on Truth

What is the real data behind the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines and the science behind a seemingly never-ending string of mandates?

Why will the mRNA injected never be “fully vaccinated” and why are they seeing more restrictions now than before the advent of the very “vaccines” that were supposed to bring back normal?

What’s the end goal of vilifying, scapegoating and shutting the unvaccinated out of society with an injection that is failing to protect the “vaccinated?” A manipulated virus qualifying it by many as a “bioweapon?”

Join this very special live panel of 5 Canadian doctors, as they speak openly and frankly about the vaccines and an agenda that the mainstream narrative cannot discuss, while gagging and attacking the very doctors who do, standing up for their patients to do no harm.

Host Dr. Emad Guirguis is joined by Dr. Charles Hoffe, MD, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, MD, Dr. Sam Dubé, MD, PhD, and Dr. Patrick Phillips*, MD.

*After being removed from Twitter with 50+k followers, Dr. Phillips can now be found on Gab.

Video presentation, “They Said We’d Go Back to Normal.”

10 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 5 Canadian Doctors Discuss 1 Virus & A War on Truth”

  1. Thank you, Doctors . I appreciate that there are people that are willing to voice the truth and risk their reputations. It is comforting to hear rational people. As you stated, just because people are Doctors, doesn’t mean that they are not people first that have their own personal belief systems or agendas.
    I have been following this dangerous world hysteria from the being. At first I was perplexed that so many people blindly went along with the narratives from governments and media that there was and is an medical emergency due to a virus that has over a 99.8% natural recovery. From the being I was always dubious that there was an emergency, as the actions of the government didn’t add up, lockdowns, masks, etc. I was never afraid of this virus and I have never been one to take things at face value. We know that this crisis was intentional.
    The government parroting words like safe and effective, where never enough to convince me to take a experimental injection. I have always needed to know what the ingredients and side effects of any medication or drugs are before I decide if I am going to put them into my body. This is informed consent. All drugs have side effects and there are long lists of lawsuits with all of these pharm. companies that have manufactured these shots. It is only do to my own research, that I know what most of the ingredients are and the risks of taking this injection. If I have any emotions attached to what is going on with this push of injections, it is anger towards the government and anyone that is lying to people about the side effects of these unnecessary and dangerous injections. It has been estimated that 85% of deaths associated with this “virus” didn’t need to happen. Thanks to the PCR tests, and the false cases.
    I also fear that more and more people will be harmed, physically, emotionally and economically. I myself have lost my career do to the mandates and if I was supporting a family it would have been a hard call not to take the jab. I realize many people felt that they didn’t have a choice.
    I am not certain as to the number of people that did not take the shot in Canada. I have heard 30% and 20% that received one shot. It is hard to really know, because of the interest of the jab pushers to increase the numbers. There is so much corruption going on. Trudeau has a stake in a Lab in BC, that is producing the nano lipid particles that are in all of the shots and he is making money from every shot. He is getting away with racketeering! I know he is just one out of many that are profiting on crimes against humanity. Our government is taken a scalpel to the Charter of Rights.
    It could be that the people that have not taken the shot, are a part the population that are more critical thinkers or naturally suspicious. Mass hypnosis has been coming up in a lot of the dialogue lately. I tend to agree that this is definitely being used as a weapon. It has been used in the past and not always for benefit of people. NLP (neurolinguistic programming ) has most definitely being used. Repeat certain words and they will become peoples belief systems. I have a background in clinical hypnotherapy, have studied mental telepathy and have had the opportunity to witness outcomes and effects of these modalities with various people.
    During my training in hypnotherapy we studied a theory by John Kappas. Basically, there are 2 types of people: Physical and Emotional, of course there are various degrees of these types. Most everyone is born as a Physical personality, they like to be touched, held, complimented in order to feel valued, needed, wanted and loved. They learn to hear directly and speak in inferences. When assisting Physical’s into trance/ hypnosis, they need to be spoken to partentally (directly told what to do). How devastating, social distancing, masks and the treats of not being able to socialize with others it must be for these people if they didn’t get the jab. They were led to believe that it was the right thing to do.
    The emotional’s or EMO’s personality is usually developed if they are raised in an environment of uncertainty; lack of affection, turmoil etc. These people will learn to hear inferences and speak directly. They will learn to read between the lines and annualize people and situations. When assisting them into trance/hypnosis, they need to be spoken to maternally. Trust needs to be established between them and you before they will relax and feel secure enough to go into trance.
    It isn’t that one personally is superior to the other, this is just an example of how people hear and learn diffrently.
    The government through media were constanly pushing fear at people, and in this weaken state of fear, these people became highly suggestible. They were now primed to believe more. They were told to do your part, don’t be selfish etc. It is the only way back to normal.
    It would help if main stream media didn’t sensor the truth, but we know that that most likely will not happen. Thankfully there are more and more people speaking the truth and resisting. I wish everyone had the opportunity to listen to the real experts, but unfortunately I have found that most people are just listening to the main stream media and making us out to be the liars and conspirotists. How do we convince them? As the saying goes, ” you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make it drink”.
    I don’t think that people are going to wake up, until they witness first hand adverse reactions to these jabs and mandates. How unfortunate. I also think that people are getting suspicious to the amount of “boosters”, they are being told to inject. I do worry a bit about these home tests that are being marketed, because as we all know they wouldn’t be accurate and it means that people are still buying into the virus. What happened to the common cold? Just like PCR tests, people will believe that they have COV. and the cases will keep rising.
    This is a World War and I do think that we need to keep pushing back, as much as possible as this present situation will get much worse. Too bad more and more would say NO to these mandates.
    There are cracks occurring in the world agenda and perhaps more of these criminal puppets will turn on each other to save themselves.
    At the moment I wish I lived in the US.

  2. I follow and respect these Doctors. I implore them to read the original 10 Commandments. They are not as they quoted in this video and may explain lot as to how the majority are treated. Don’t assume others think like you do. Dangerous.

  3. On the 100th anniversary of The Flexner Report destroying our natural medicine, let’s re-member to do no harm. Many of us stopped believing in allopathic long ago. Enough of our families have died. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death. This is a great opportunity. The doctors you speak of collaborated because this system is first and foremost about money. Take your money and investments out of all of these firms.

  4. On the 100th anniversary of The Flexner Report destroying our natural medicine, let’s re-member to do no harm. Many of us stopped believing in allopathic long ago. Enough of our families have died. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death. This is a great opportunity. The doctors you speak of collaborate because this system is first and foremost about money. Take your money and investments out of all of these firms.

  5. A respiratory asymptomatic illness looks exactly like oxidative stress caused by EMF radiation. Since 5G 3500 MHz C-band is rolling out Jan 5, 2022, will Covid sceptics and/or unjabbed be victims of mob violence if there is a wave of hospitalizations? Such a coincidence they are expecting an Omnicron surge just as this mm wave upgrade is rolled out.

  6. One of the best discussions I have heard. Thank you doctors and Bright Light News. Look forward to more.

  7. Doctors!!!… THANK YOU one and all for your INVALUABLE insights and DIRE WARNING to the rest of us. I for one has become incredibly disillusioned with the medical establishment as a whole. To the point where I am totally distrusting my own doctor. Your contribution here on this forum has gone a long way towards repairing the trust I feel we should have with our doctors. We rely on you,our family physician(s) for the knowledge about matters WAY above my level of understanding. THIS is what shook me to the core, that my doctor, the very person I entrust my LIFE to.. has sold me out for MONEY!!!! The damage is unimaginable and horrific!! DO NOT STOP.. our very existence depends on people like you! JP.. Cape Town South Africa

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