They Said We’d Go Back to Normal…

From Bill Gates to Justin Trudeau…we were told our freedoms would be restored once Covid-19 vaccines arrive. A year later, we’re more restricted now than before the vaccines.

Was there ever really a way back to our freedoms?

Dr. Moore, Ontario’s top doc, says (36:39) double vaxxed family shouldn’t meet indoors with triple-vaxxed seniors…only outside masked and distanced.

President Joe Biden says it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated and that vaccines will protect you from severe outcomes and death.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen suggests mandatory vaccination for all EU citizens.

Trudeau says (00:54) new normal until a vaccine and the unvaccinated will make up the largest segment of Covid-19 severe outcomes.

Bill Gates says (04:07) this is the new normal until a vaccine.

6 thoughts on “They Said We’d Go Back to Normal…”

  1. “President Joe Biden says it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated and that vaccines will protect you from severe outcomes and death.”
    Isn’t that our choice how we live and not anyone else??
    Are they dictating how the citizen is to “live”?
    Come on People, Grow Up will ya. Get a grip on reality.
    There’s twisted logic here somewhere people; all most sounds like a con…

    1. Its not your choice when you clearly are making the stupid one! Do you think its someone’s choice when an idiot tries to blow his head off with a shotgun! No…its clear that individual is mentally deranged and requires assistance. Well you folk are no different. Years of listening to Alex Jones and other garbage has brainwashed your minds into insanity. You clearly need medical intervention to get you thinking properly (if that is even possible with you fools).

      The jab should be mandatory by law other than those with health risks. I am party of a lobby group in the GTA that is trying to press this initative. I say no Vax, pay a tax! No Vax, can’t be in society period.

      We need to get back to normal and build back better. The liberal government is trying their best but you fools are slowing our progess to the point the Government is going to hand out more dam COVID cheques. Its you idiots why I have to pay more on my taxes and inflation on my goods. I am a retired and live off fixed income.

      SHAME ON YOU! SHAME SHAME SHAME! I wish I could parade you on the street naked like on Game of Thrones where everyone yells and throws garbage in your faces!!!!

      1. That rant said nothing, most Canucks like you are jabbed, where is your normal that you where promised. Why if I believe the media most of your cases are of the jabbed answer you stupid motherfucker.

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