Ontario’s Fully Vaccinated Covid Cases Surging & 3.7x More Than Unvaccinated Cases

Covid-19 vaccines are failing to protect the vaccinated, as Ontario’s Covid cases show a huge spike in cases among the fully vaccinated. There were, in fact, 3.7x more fully vaccinated cases (2,781) than unvaccinated cases (746) of Covid-19.

Ontario also reported a “new pandemic high” of 5,790 more cases today.


It is a clear fallacy and misinformation for govt and public health officials to continue the narrative that Covid-19 vaccines are effective and the best way to protect oneself from Covid-19. Despite 81% of all 14.7 million eligible Ontarians, aged 5+, being fully vaccinated, “cases” are hitting record levels. (A “positive case” does not mean infection.)

Rather than declare the failure of Covid-19 vaccines, the govt, public health and mainstream media continue to spout their efficacy, while removing and restricting freedoms and coercing people into take the experimental jabs.


9 thoughts on “Ontario’s Fully Vaccinated Covid Cases Surging & 3.7x More Than Unvaccinated Cases”

  1. Ashok TJaisinghani

    💥COVID-19 Vaccinations are going to continue for the next 5 to 10 years, even though there are reports of adverse reactions leading to many injuries and MILLIONS of deaths all over the world❗ We just CANNOT get the COVID-19 Vaccinations STOPPED, as MASSIVE COMMISSIONS are being regularly paid by the BIG PHARMA to the TOP Leaders of Governments as well as Opposition Parties, Doctors, Medical Scientists, Health Ministers, Hospitals, Judges, Lawyers, Trade Union Leaders, Journalists, Newspapers, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Radio and TV Channels, Film and TV Stars, Famous Athletes and other celebrities, for PROMOTING the COVID-19 Vaccines. So long as they get big payments, why should these fellows care for what happens to the health and LIVES of even BILLIONS of COMMON PEOPLE, who are FORCED to take COVID-19 Vaccines⁉️
    🔥To avoid legal problems, many Legal LOOPHOLES are being used by the Vaccine-making Drug Companies, like the payments of the BIG BRIBES to the RELATIVES of the highly CORRUPT fellows‼️

  2. This is why governments are pushing the jab so aggressively. Eventually the only sick and dead people will be from the jab group, which will make it more and more difficult for them to explain. They are like a desperate business that is going bankrupt but does not tell there customers or employees until the bailiffs arrive. Hopefully in this case it will be the RCMP with arrest warrants.

    1. The only arrest warrants that should be issued are for people like you and your fake anti-vax prerogative! All of you are criminals in our society that should be punished!!! God dam drunken drives on the road. I hope more strict measures (which will happen) will be forced upon all of you. I have no sympathy for all of you getting fired from refusing the jab. I hope EI is also refused to teach you all a hard lesson!

      1. You are a vile person, but keep in mind that none of us can die from your gene therapy. Perhaps that’s why you’re so angry.

      2. I hope you have a Merry Christmas Rog!
        It saddens me that you have feel so much ill-will and anger for those have made a choice for medical/bodily autonomy as well as for those that don’t have a choice due to medical circumstances or issues.
        I pray your heart softens and you soon awaken to see the government doesn’t care about your health or the health of your family.
        Blessings to you and your family today and everyday.
        God bless

      3. Rog, just answer me one question, if the vaccine is so safe and such a god send, why are there fully and partially vaccinated people in the hospital, and also in hospital in ICU?
        Just ask yourself this question! WHY!

        1. Its called statistics you moron. Most people have been jabbed. While it does not necessary prevent COVID it drastically reduces the effects it has on most people. There would be a lot more people in the ICU but most Canadians did their duty unlike you selfish people. Its treason to your fellow Canadian brothers and sisters… at the very least un-Canadian at all.

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