3-Year-Old Girl Dies After Covid Vaccine

A tweet Wednesday shows an Argentinian TV clip of a news broadcast with grieving mother, Miriam Suárez, discussing the death of her healthy 3-year-old daughter, Ámbar, after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

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21 thoughts on “3-Year-Old Girl Dies After Covid Vaccine”

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  2. How do we fight this? How do we get to the people pulling the strings? These parents are not the first to lose their child to vaccines. It’s been happening for decades. The lie that vaccines are safe and effective is pushed in schools, on tv, through hospitals, and through governments. The laws protect the manufacturers. The media pushes the lies. Social media protects those lies. Parents, doctors, and scientists who speak the truth are censored. And those living this nightmare never receive justice.

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  4. Very sad story. Probably a lot more to come as when you read comments on Main stream media posts so many parents are so proud and anxious to get their child vaccinated. They will not be able to forgive themselves if anything happens to their child. Children do not need to be vaccinated. In fact no one needs to be vaccinated.

  5. This is WAR. Subjecting kids to this assinine agenda is still only waking some people up. We are surrounded by cowards. Thanks to social media and government lies. Who knew cowards could be so bold. Treason is what all these politicians have commited. Our PM is no exception and the worst offender. Scandals and coercion. We need to hold them all accountable. So called Health officials ramping up the fear. Burn them all at the stake. Lethal injection in not an option for these fools. Destroyers of worlds, faith and love. Evil billionaire want us culled so they can enjoy a more controllable plane. Forever increasing the gap between those who have and those who dont. Love is the answer. Love will conquer all. Time is short and money talks. Fear is the mind killer. Be strong and love stronger.

  6. Government are well aware of what they are doing. We’re all targets and this vax is not a vax. It’s a weapon.

    1. You are so right sister. Gov’ts only care about the people that invested in there agenda. The biggest Con in his-story is taking place. Most cant see it because they are blind. Spiritual and mentally. Cowards always fear they will lose something if they dont comply. Most men are scaried lil boys. Afraid to catch a cold or the sniffles. Please wake up. God bless you all and I love you.

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