Ontario’s Latest Lockdown Due to Covid Vaccine Failure

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21 thoughts on “Ontario’s Latest Lockdown Due to Covid Vaccine Failure”

  1. Here’s some alarming information. What is causing these spikes in illness & deaths? Are these the result of the Covid lockdowns: deaths of despair, undiagnosed & untreated ailments, until it’s too late or due to the mRNA Quackcines?


  2. stephen corriveau

    1: Social isolation
    2: Lack of meaning
    3: Free-floating anxiety
    4: Free-floating frustration and aggression
    All contributed to Mass Formation Sycosis.
    Better known as Stockholm Syndrome, at least in part.
    My advice would be to smash the TV, burn the mask, and go for a walk without the handheld manipulation device.

  3. Doug “Bull-fertilizer” Ford is playing it perfectly – classic textbook application of Biderman’s Chart of Coercion.

    1. Very good observation Tom. And Trudeau must of taken the training course first and passed on his betrayal of the citizens of Canada to all the Premiers. They all seen to be well trained in these sinister techniques.

  4. The parent tells the child that he can’t go out to play until he eats all his supper, which he does. Then he is told he has to make his bed before he can go out and play. Then he is told he has to do his homework and so on. Even a child eventually learns he won’t be going out to play and looses interest in doing what he is told. But grown adults keep doing as they are told getting one vax after another and things only get worse. I think the jab is designed to alter these people’s brains. I can’t think of any other explanation for it.

    1. Can you imagine your child if they do everything today our gov’t says to do and ignore our parents which we know is best, majority of us anyways ,wonder what world some of these politicians grew up, did they get raised in a corrupted world differently than ours and that’s why they want control of all aspects of every bodies lives including our children so they don’t turn out like them, just curious that’s all

  5. Here we hear Doug flip flop ,say we’ll get back to normal and praises the health care workers for giving a shot that doesn’t basically work but they had to get one to keep their jobs and keep jabbing others until we find a vaccine that works. Hearing what he said and seeing the affected on charts and the results of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, I must of went to the wrong school to say that makes sense, I must of missed a lot of classes. Sorry to be critical but get tired of the BS

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