Ontario Reinstating Failing Lockdowns, Online Schooling Jan. 5 @12:01 a.m.

Ontario’s cases have more than quadrupled since an April 15, 2021, peak, despite 1+ year of Covid-19 vaccines and almost 2 years of lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. Clearly, the failure of the vaccines and these measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 should be abandoned in favour of alternative protocols and treatments thus far suppressed and vilified, but incredibly the Ford govt is reinstating lockdowns and suspending schools to go online this Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. for at least 21 days.

Here is a list of the looming restrictions:

The failure of Covid-19 vaccines to stop the spread of the “pandemic” has been spectacular in nature with 79.76% of Ontario’s record Dec. 31 cases being fully vaccinated.


5 thoughts on “Ontario Reinstating Failing Lockdowns, Online Schooling Jan. 5 @12:01 a.m.”

  1. This is fucking madness! Let’s all stop living in case we die from a fucking cold which most people are almost guaranteed to survive anyway even without treatment! Ahhhh it’s a fucking emergency ahhhh! !! Get a grip folks, we’re all going to die at some point and covid is a big fat nothingburger. Newsflash….If you don’t want to ruin your immune system and set yourself up for cancer and cytokine storm from ADE…don’t take the clot shots! And…If you would like to beef up your immune system and your health in general simply insure that you have enough vitamin D3 in your system. Take off the masks, stop the social distancing and just say no!!!

    1. The government is saving lives but you criminals are the problem. Because you won’t get the jab we continue to have lockdowns. You must enjoy government control and being told what to do.

      1. No Rog, we continue to have lockdowns because idiots like you keep obeying the fucking tyrants that are imposing the lockdowns. None of this has anything to do with “saving lives”, the virus is just an excuse for totalitarian control. If the holy government saviors were really interested in public health they would not be suppressing treatments for covid and punishing the doctors successfully using those treatments whilst mandating the wearing of useless and harmful oxygen depriving breathing barriers and dangerous, deadly blood-clotting and gene-manipulating mutagenic drugs falsely being labeled vaccines. All you seem to do Rog is accuse others of what you are clearly guilty of. Case in point, your assertion that us “criminals” “must enjoy government control” is so blatantly hypocritical since it is us “criminals” who are resisting encroaching tyranny while you zombies fall in line. In another unhinged diatribe you accused the non GMO humans of being ignorant and self-righteous while calling us terrorists for making an informed choice and saying that we should be deported and stripped of our citizenship, all the while going on about how tolerant and wonderful your leader Turdo is. If you want to get jabbed go for it, I think you would find that most of us criminals would nonetheless treat you with the respect and dignity due to any fellow man or woman. Your sentiments however seem to indicate that you would like to murder the unjabbed. Maybe you should look in the mirror and ask who is the ignorant self-righteous criminal?. Peace.

  2. Doug Ford is not qualified to make mandates, neither is his health advisor who has never dealt with patients and viruses.
    They are all incompetent without measure!!!

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