Canada’s Largest School Board, TDSB, to Vote on Inequitable Mandatory Vaccination

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The Toronto District School Board, Canada’s largest school board–which prides itself on “inclusivity”–will soon vote on excluding children from their hallways and classrooms who have not taken the a Covid-19 mRNA shot public, tax-payer funded education, despite the fact that the vaccines have not yet been proven to be safe or effective (clinical trials for the adult vaccines may finish this Oct. but many are slated for 2023) or that the majority of children experience mild to no symptoms, that is, rare severe outcomes, with a statistically 0% chance of dying. (See graphs below)

If you don’t agree, call and/or e-mail your superintendents, trustees, & director of education to say no.

Link to trustees’ meeting. (See page 3.)

Govts across Canada have applied a constant misinformation campaign, stating that children are seeing dramatic rises in hospitalizations and ICU admissions. Children 0-19 represent just 2.3% of all hospitalizations since March 2020 with Ontario’s top doc, Dr. Kieran Moore, recently confessing that up to 50% of all hospitalizations were due to another condition and happened to test positive for Covid-19, that is, about 50% of all hospitalizations reported actually were in hospital for Covid-19.

Children, 0-19, account for just 1.5% of all Covid-19 ICU admissions with no transparency on how many were actually treated for Covid-19 or another ailment.

There have been 20 deaths in children, 0-19–statistically 0% of all 30,042 Covid-19 marked deaths–with many of the deaths being labeled in newspaper headlines as having died “with Covid-19 but not from.”

Ontario currently has 9 vaccines on their required immunization list, but allows exemptions for both medical reasons (form) and for conscience or religious belief (form).

With no liability on the part of vaccine manufacturers or govt for any vaccine injuries or deaths and with many adverse events reported by doctors categorically rejected by public health officials, it seems there will be no accountability or identification of vaccine adverse risks for the onslaught of vaccine injuries, like myo- and pericarditis, to come and as already well documented around the world.

32 thoughts on “Canada’s Largest School Board, TDSB, to Vote on Inequitable Mandatory Vaccination”

    1. That is just SICK!!!!!! As bad as Trudeau cutting off our food supply chain with the truckers!

  1. This is wrong. The vaccines aren’t working and making these injections mandatory for kids is not going to make any difference. With these so called vaccines you can still be infected by covid and spread it. These shots are only in Phase 3 clinical trials and not completed until March 2023 for Pfizer. Long term site effects are unknown. The “safe and effective” slogan is a lie, look at Astra Zeneca. That was “safe and effextive”, until it was not. They cannot mandate these shots. The gov cannot control what goes into your body or your kids’ body. If they make this mandatory what is the next thing we have to do? The gov should be providing early at home treatment packages for all households so that people can take control and prevent having to go to the hospitals in the first place. I personally will take my kid out of school if this becomes mandatory. These mandates are not acceptable. My answer is NO, you will not inject my kid.

    1. Exactly Joe! If the government would issue Ivermectin to everyone like in India and Africa we wouldnt have a covid problem. India is classified as covid free due to Ivermectin! But it is a cheap drug and big pharma doesnt make enough money. I believe this is a plan to track everyone with a covid passport for future use. Gonna see a whole lot of homeschooling!

  2. These vaccination mandates for children(students), and lockdowns are insane. Has the government for one minute considered what psychological impact these measures are having on our kids, and that suicieds have dramatically increased with thier measures. What the government is doing is madness or worse yet its criminal. Parents know what’s best for thier child and they should decide whether or not give these vaccines to thier kids. Clearly the governing bodies of Canada either sold us out to the globalists or dont know thier left from thier right , either way they should resign.

  3. Don’t send your kids to school!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait till we take care of this bastards!!!!

  4. This is disgusting by TDSB
    Leave the kids alone
    We do not even know side effects rates from dose 2 yet for 5-11 as the poor kids they are testing these on have not even starting taking dose 2……

    These people have no conscience, and do not understand what they are doing or trying to force on little kids. They should all resign.

    Serve them 1000’s and 1000’s of notices of liability

    It’s school, not LTC homes you monsters – check your stats. You cannot do this in good conscience until all long term safety studies are complete and reviewed.

  5. This is disgusting behaviour of our government and school boards. Trying to mandate something that makes no sense for our children. You are going to try and bully our children into something they are against and afraid of and take away things that bring them happiness is disgusting. Shame on you.

    1. Fully agree! My doctor said no children should have this vaccine! No testing done and not needed. YES! Shame on these fools!

  6. This is insane! I like vaccines but this is a glorified flu shot and if 1 is mandated how many boosters will be required! I will NEVER send my kids to school to join that roller coaster! And if it happens we parents need amd will take to the streets! You can’t keep pushing people to their limits and expect no push back.

    1. Hi Dianna, you are right, but taking to the streets accomplishes nothing. Look at all the protests in Europe and around the world. You want to send a message, every parent who is against this needs to pull their kids out of school And when the classrooms are half empty then they might start to understand.

      1. Correct! don’t ever let school get in the way of education. Specially now with the weirdo curriculums. The school boards worst night mare is an educated parent that understands risk/benefits. Most parents that would subject their children to this are under the Mass Formation Pyschosis.

  7. It has become clear that the TDSB Board of Trustees is a criminal organization. They cannot mandate an experimental injection that has caused more harm than good for teens already. Well over 500 myocarditis cases were reported in Ontario and we know this is only a fraction of the number of injuries. For a fucking cold!
    My daughter is a very social being, studying drama at one of the arts high schools and will be devastated by this discrimination. But she will not inject the poison!

  8. I don’t agree with mandatory vaccines. Several friends of mine are going to remove their kids from TDSB schools. Please stop this madness!

  9. Children need to have good immune system. This is a killer shot which is in experimental stage till 2023 therefore if there is any adverse reactions you can’t sue the manufacturer. Also children have 99.98 percent survival from this called covid orchestrated virus . Strongly pro immune system and healthy living than being experimental rat

  10. I don’t agree with vaccination for children, students and lockdowns. Everyone is aware of the government madness. Leave our children alone, leave us free to decide or just leave the job and let someone take the lead who knows what to do.

  11. It is safer to remove your child from public school since your child does not need your permission there to get vaccinated

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