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  1. Linda, where did you move to? I am in the KW and am looking to move either to Nova Scotia or Alberta? Problem is, I can’t fly, I am not vaccinated, so how did you go about searching for a place to live and make this happen? I can agree with everything you have said, as that is what I have been doing with no resolve, the problem has gotten worse and don’t think it is going to get better. And too many sheep have been feared into thinking this pandemic is real? So please get back to me, the freedom convoy, even with all the amazing professional and public support won’t win and I will tell you why. Trudope has used the pandemic to cover up his criminal financial gain and gave fraudster ford a billion dollars to come on his side. If you want to call it a government mafia, that is almost what it is like, big money is supporting them, that is why everytime we think someone with power is in our court, they switch sides, money, that is what this is all about. The only way out is election, but how do we prevent fraud, when the people doing this are working together? A court, last and final resolve. We need some judge, some higher court to actually take a stance, and that is all we can hope for before we become communistic. So I want out, please let me know how you did it.

    1. WE will have our Freedom-stand strong. I have not watched any news/government channels in 18 months and refuse. I donot listen to the radio but play my favourite music in the house all day long. I do not read newspapers or discuss anything with these people who are so convinced the jabs are safe and believe the government.No one has the right to touch you or your body. You must be strong and trust you intuition. For months now, I have become a non -entity a second class citizen according to the goverment, no job no travel,no restaurants, not being able to go to government buildings (why would I want to anyway),cannot leave the country.I listened to conversations in line ups at the checkouts where people are having conversations about “those disgusting selfish people who are dangerous-the unjabbed. It will be a hard pill to swallow when they realize they have been lied to. It is not about your health , they want compliance. the Nurnberg Agreement,states no one has the right to force you. Your intuition is your best measure,if it tells you something is wrong donot even under pressure -submit
      Once I realized Ford/Elliott would not stop the tyranny, I-called up an estate agent, put house for sale same day-bidding war ensued. House sold within 7 days. I demanded 30 day closing. Ordered countainers-within one week house was empty and left Ontario same day deal was signed, we knew it would not be easy-nothing worthwhile ever is.there were days I was scared of the future but freedom drove me. No one needs to fly, Drove 6 days, Slept in car, small motels along the way, had a car fridge with enough food.It was not easy- we knew this. Stayed in hotel and immediately started house hunting upon arriving in Alberta. Sorry where is KW. Life without freedom is not life.GOD BLESS

  2. I was kicked off Twotter in the first year of this crime against humanity. I was calling Ford/Elliott out- crimes against humanity. They had no right to take over juristriction of my home and my god-given freedom.. We left Ontario in August last year because we saw this coming. The point we are at today. I genuinely felt we were fleeing to gain freedom just like many around the world had in history, in order to escape Communism and oppression. (At the time we trusted-Kenney’s Alberta is open haha silly me) The funny thing is, ford a few months in to this lie, in his usual midday “lie show” surrounded with his diaper faced groupies (crying of course -so sad so many were dying (not)told the LEGACY MEDIA’ that “we will most probably be wearing masks for 5 years possibly” – the media did not question-no one but me it seems , took note. I started emailing mpp’s ,speaking to my now ex- fellow conservatives,writing emails,calling mpp’s -How could ford say this? at the same time in my innocence ,believing they were there for us -the people. They all had excuses for elliott/ford By the way in the same tone , I was researching (still believing this was so dangerous we were most probably all or many going to die) sending mp’s, mpp’s the information pertaining to treatments around the world – thinking they innocently did not know about treatment. My critical brain had questioned when the first week in, during the “2 weeks to flatten the curve” (not) , the ‘PM’ ANNOUNCED THAT “NOTHING BUT A VACCINE WOULD SAVE US,ALLOW US TO RETURN TO NORMAL AND THAT WAS 18 MONTHS OUT AT BEST” No mention of treatments-nothing-Nada. My husband and I asked many if they thought it strange that if this was so deadly and dangerous , is no-one speaking about or asking about treatments. I knew ‘gremlin Fouchi’ had published papers in 1984 saying hydroxycloriquine was the cure for viral infections. I knew Dr Kerry Mullis- founder of the PCR test (strangely he died a few short months before this ‘THING’, ) had stated this should never be used for viral detection and also should never be run above 20 cycles. I knew it had come out that governments were running these at between 36 – 45 cycles. I eventually knew for sure, something was up-the Sunday whilst we were in total lockdown and I was watching the pope’s Sunday message to the people Saying” THIS VIRUS WILL BE THE VEHICLE TO USHER IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER AS CAPITALISM HAS MISERABLY FAILED THE WORLD’ “ I was dumbfounded,shocked -WHAT THE HELL?” Why was the pope dictating world politic’s mmmmmm? Well, he actually did me a favour! It started me on an 18 month daily research-watching how and what was going on around the world.I found Randy Hillier -at the time the only warrior in QUEENS park, he was questioning the ford/Elliott clan whilst they were making fun of him, laughing and booing him in their quest to silence his questioning.I discovered Dr Hodgekinson, Dr Mike Yeadon , Robert Kennedy Jnr, Dr Reiner Fuellmich ,front line doctors and others. It led me on a journey of discovery -watching those doctors around the world TRYING to get their message about the lies regarding treatments and the virus itself, out to the world , being silenced and threatened. The fact that the so-called chief medical officers were in fact the ones dictating our daily lives and that the elected officials were silent whilst these radicals – one by one took control of the country, our lives, our finances, our families, the destruction of our mental health and most importantly of all OUR FREEDOM. Knowing Sweden was living a normal life! The frontline doctors became my ray of hope . Most others stayed silent. I realized this was not about this so called virus,I realized ford/Elliott was never willingly going to give back anything that he had taken from us. THE WRITING WAS ON THE WALL! I was sending out the information I was gathered on a daily basis to all on my mailing list-trying to wake them up. I lost what I used to call friends and acquaintances. A neighbour, when I tried to inform her about what I was finding,told me I was making her feel very uncomfortable and that I should stop- there was always 2 sides to every story and she was free to make her own decision. Of course I said -that is why we have FREEDOM OF THOUGHT,SPEECH. I watched as many double diapered up, some even diapers and a face shield and if that was not enough when they approached on the sidewalk ,stepped way into the road to walk far around me and others the encountered.I hated masks-why -first they were more harmful than helpful and did not protect us they said, soon followed by you must wear them and then they mandated-them-a crime in Canada to show your face-to breathe without hinderance. Many studies were written about the dangers. I actually saw mothers pushing young babies and these babies had masks on their faces . OMG-sanity has left the planet -was my constant daily thought. I realized this was about de-humanizing/control mechanism. After continuous lockdowns, grocery stores,prohibiting the sale of many items banned-they couldn’t sell you socks, books,undies ect-that was fine-able(if such a word exists).we were barred from entering each other homes. There were adds on the radio encouraging the public to report any illegal gatherings in homes.-yes homes.To crown the insanity CANADA’S CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH advised to wear face masks whilst having (sorry) ‘INTIMATE RELATIONS’. Now sanity had definitely left the planet. Then came the vaccines and soon the stories of death and injury.This followed by many whisperings they were going to make it mandatory for all-you had to take it,this followed by denials from the medical tyrannts. The whispering got louder and I became really fearful when those I thought were practical people, started saying yes they agreed -every one must be forced -in the interest of everyone-this was good. This soon followed with whisperings of the JAB PASS.Again those you thought you knew -stating they were wanting this-it is only fair they said. My question to them always was and is “if this is a vaccine and you take it (which is your choice) it is supposed to give you immunity right? Yes they answered and then my “WHY THEN IF YOU ARE IMMUNE DO YOU INSIST OTHERS TAKE IT-YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE PROTECTED RIGHT?”Let alone needing a so called vaccine for something with a 99.8% recovery rate and most comparing it to a cold/slight flu. This led to anger on their part. Well my comments to the above article have turned into almost a book-I could go on and on but I won’t. I’ll say this. To all those still either denying or just not wanting to see the writing on the wall. It is time to stand up and take back our country and our freedom-whilst we still can. LIFE WITHOUT FREEDOM IS NOT LIFE. It is our duty. My hero’s forever ‘FREEDOM TRUCKERS’ God bless everyone.

    1. You are a kindred spirit and have expressed much of what I have lived the past 3 years. My husband and adult daughter, who moved in with us in April of 2020, are so far gone that I am unable to share or even talk about the truth of what is occurring. This is also the case with many other family members and very dear and intelligent friends. Sadly, living in Ontario under Ford and Elliott’s rule, is the worst waking nightmare, though perhaps usurped by our Prime Minister in hiding, who has incited anger and hatred amongst Canadians so as to divide and conquer. Anyway, in reading your post, I felt compelled to reply. May legions of Angels flood the hearts and minds of Humankind with love and light, making way for truth and justice to prevail.

      1. Michele stay strong, God is watching. We as a nation needed to stand up and start fighting back. I always believe God will guide us and give us the courage and strength and wisdomto do what we need to. I have gone on my knees pleasing and praying for this awakening to happen. 3 weeks ago I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined we would experience this huge awakening world wide. Ps I really understand. Apathy is frightening to witness.just remember these tyrannts are running scared and will try anything to prevent the truth from being exposed. Take care

  3. I’m hoping that the loss of our rights and freedoms is a wake up call for all the voters and results in more care when choosing our elected officials. I have to admit that at times I didn’t even bother voting because they all seemed to be equally corrupt. One of the first screening I will do next time is check to see if they have been trained by Klaus Schwab in his young leaders program. https://www.younggloballeaders.org/community

    1. That should be written on the side of every truck in Canada. These corrupt politicians are in the middle of a coup and people are taking selfies with no masks on…

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