Top Canadian Experts Challenge Top Health Officials

[PUBLIC SCIENTIFIC FORUM] Dr. Byram Bridle, along with Drs. Roger Hodkinson and Paul Alexander, challenged Canada’s senior Health Administrative representatives of the Federal Government, Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo and the Chair of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, Dr. Shelley Deeks to discuss the science of Covid measures and the vaccines and their mandates.

The latter group of public health officials never showed up. A testament to their lack of evidence to support their actions of the last 2 years in the face of Canadian experts well armed with the science of Covid-19 and vaccines.

February 11, the 3 experts meticulously went through a mountain of peer-reviewed scientific evidence damning Covid measures, vaccines and mandates, undoubtedly a strong consideration for why Canada’s top health officials avoid this important forum.


8 thoughts on “Top Canadian Experts Challenge Top Health Officials”

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  2. I wish that these wonderful experts would realize that this pandemic and all of its damages was planned and purposeful. What we need are experts in the New World Order, experts in the secret societies, experts in Luciferianism. Good people simply can’t understand that the evil going on under their noses is massively worse than they think and massively worse than they can even imagine. You can not defeat this evil unless you get to the roots. Hacking at the branches does nothing. Yes. Bring in the Scientists for the science.but you need people who understand the roots of this evil, otherwise it will just get worse and repeat in different ways. How hard is it to see that this was intentional. Drastic action is needed. Surgery on the body of humanity is needed.

  3. The failure of Tam and her associates is a blatant display of arrogance. They feel they do not have to answer to anyone. The facts show how biased the Trudeau government is. The vax mandates, the mask mandates and the vax passes are all purely useless. All they do is cause harm. If these officials had an ounce of integrity they would stop this madness immediately and remove themselves from their positions. But we all know they will have to be removed, forcefully , in necessary. The Supreme Court of Canada is obligated by law to make rulings based on the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, anything outside those parameters is unjust.

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  5. … we knew they would not show up.
    It would have been naive to think they would do anything but stonewall.

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