6 thoughts on “LIVE SATURDAY, FEB 12: Freedom Convoy 2022 from Ottawa”

  1. This was a gigantic line up,the highest and most credible doctors with Hon. Peckford.
    Canadians showing up with the truckers across the country. Huge support for the country.
    Keep it up,Canadians. We are getting closer to pushing Turdo over and out.

    1. It is truly ashamed that none of the live feeds worked throughout the days events and lineups. The only feed that partially worked was the early twitch feed but even that was completely pixelated and continually going out. The Youtube feed said that the page was terminated and the Rumble stream would go out every few seconds. I was told that it was some sort of attack (dont understand how that works) but then why where all the Youtube livestreamers like ZOT Ottawalks and Machines Everywhere able to stream walking around all day. Anyways just wish that those of us supporting from outside Canada could have seen the events and speakers.

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