Accountability After the Mandates Fall – Top Canadian Experts Discuss


Drs. Paul Alexander, Roger Hodkinson and Byram Bridle discuss the actions that can be taken against govt and public health officials responsible for an unscientific and dangerous response to Covid-19.

5 thoughts on “Accountability After the Mandates Fall – Top Canadian Experts Discuss”

  1. Thank you. Emergency powers must be curtailed and limited in future both provincially and federally. Everything must be reversed. All discrimination must be removed. It needs to be enshrined in law that employers cannot discriminate against workers based on “vaccine” status.

    If this is not done and some provinces like Ontario and Québec promise to enshrine these emergency powers into law . .. then they will use them against us and not that far down the road. Settle for nothing less!

  2. I totally agree with all of these Doctors. Thank you for standing with the truckers in the protest for our rights and freedoms! Wish I could be in Ottawa. Also thank you!

    1. Thank you to these and other like minded doctors who have spoken out, thank you to all the truckers who are holding the line, thank you to the supporters who have come to all the protests over the past two years. Thank you to the supporters who support from a distance. Thank you to all the Canadians who have said no to the mandates. Thank you to the Canadians who, by saying no, have lost their jobs, relationships with their families and friends. Thank you to the people who have lost loved ones to this insanity, poorly run healthcare systems and governments. Thank you to everyone who has spoken out at rally’s, on line and in distributed print. Thank you to everyone who was on our side but too afraid to say or do anything as you did not make things worse and did not deserve to be afraid. Thank you to the stores and venues who kept on working. Thank you Canadians for keeping this peaceful. Thank you to the World for supporting us and spreading news of our cause. We will not for get when it is our time to help you.

      1. …Thank you to those who have lost loved ones who stood strong and spoke up.. and educated the rest of us …

  3. thank you , omg how refreshing to hear 3 gentlemen speak the truth . When last did we hear a medical member speak with such honesty. My heart is smiling.

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