A Call to Action to Police & Veterans for Freedom Convoy 2022

Former OPP Vincent Gircys, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veteran Eddie Cornell and recently retired CAF Naval Officer Andrew MacGillivray put out a call to action to other officers and veterans to support #freedomconvoy2022 to restore lost rights and freedoms.

4 thoughts on “A Call to Action to Police & Veterans for Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. Both the veterans and the police swore The Oath and Solemn Affirmation. Officers look at the inside cover of your official notepad if you need a reminder. Only one of those groups is upholding that oath right now and everyone knows in their heart who that is. When dishonorable people are confronted by those who embody and define what true honor is, they can only feel shame. This is not about following your superior’s orders, when you are being ordered to violate the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that you swore to uphold, by politicians, administrators and an activist police chief who are violating the law. This is not why you chose to become police officers and you know it. This is not about protecting the innocent or upholding the law or defending those who can’t defend themselves. This is about being used as political pawns by criminal politicians to violate the law. Officers of the RCMP / PPS / OPS and other agencies involved must ask themselves which side of history they want to be on. Will your children and grandchildren remember you the way that these truckers and veteran’s children and grandchildren will remember them, as True Heros of Canada? Or will they change their very names and disavow any knowledge of you as the children and grandchildren of SS officers do to this day. Officers must know that the ICC has already disallowed the defense of “following orders” with regard to human rights violations (such as “starving out” peaceful protestors or confiscating fuel clearly being used for warmth and heating) and understand that they will be held accountable. Officers who do not wish to follow unlawful orders or orders in violation of human rights can take accrued leave time, use vacation time, call out sick or utilize the health and wellness leave. Citizens and veterans from all across Canada and in every Province are standing together in a way that is unprecedented and has never been seen before. Canadians are standing up for Freedom and standing against tyranny and illegal orders and its time that the police join in and stand with them.

  2. I am a veteran so what call to action are you requesting, I will for sure. I support the truckers convoy for our rights and freedoms. Please let me know what action I should take? I have already phoned and emailed the GG, all the premiers, politicians and am going to do it again.

  3. Retired police and military on the ground will remind the deployed forces that they represent the people of Canada.
    They should form a unit and deploy.

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