No Need for Vaccine Manufactures to Hide Clinical Data, As No Longer Required Covid Boosters

Incredibly, the FDA ruled that Covid-19 boosters that will be updated for the Omicron variant will require zero clinical data to be submitted, that is, there will be zero transparency and accountability to prove that an injectible, experimental gene product is either safe or effective. Science is dead, and Big Pharma has carte blanche authority over regulatory processes meant to ensure public safety.

“I actually think that this fall we have to go all out on our booster campaign,” said Dr. Peter Marks, head of the agency’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

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19 thoughts on “No Need for Vaccine Manufactures to Hide Clinical Data, As No Longer Required Covid Boosters”

  1. ‘Don’t ask questions! Take the shot!’ is not good medicine or marketing. With every booster release, fewer people take it. Why? Because, even the sheepishly compliant and willfully ignorant shy away if something doesn’t work and kills. Not to mention, by now most people have heard that the ‘gold standard’ C19 is affordable, safe, and effective repurposed drugs, which only need to be taken if/when a person gets sick. Hats off to Bright Light News, bringing integrity and honor back into journalism. Gord reminds me of a war correspondent covering stories first-hand from the war zone. Chipping in to fund the operation is well worth it. Keep up the good fight. Freedom fighters will prevail, it’s just a matter of time, resources and money.

  2. Isn’t that wonderful. God only knows what additional, deadly ingredients will be added to future shots!!!

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