Drs Lucy Kerr & Jennifer Hibberd -World Covid-19 Congress, Brazil

Co-organizers Drs. Jennifer Hibberd and Lucy Kerr joined us in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, to discuss the importance of the 2nd World Covid-19 Congress. Over 100 international experts (medical, scientific and legal) were brought together by the World Council for Health and Medicos Pela Vida (Doctors for Life).

Drs. Kerr and Hibberd, lead authors along with Dr. Flavio Cadegiani, also discussed the results of their massive observational study on prophylactic Ivermectin use, showing an incredible 92% reduction in mortality through regular prophylactic use. These results alone prove that the approval of Ivermectin’s use–rather than suppression and vilification of–could have stopped the Covid pandemic in its tracks. Other study authors include Dr. Pierre Kory.


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  1. Carlos Henrique

    Congratulations to drs Jennifer Hibberd and Lucy Kerr and other doctors for such an important work as the Itajai study.

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