New Zealand PM Unconcerned About Rights of Unvaccinated

6 thoughts on “New Zealand PM Unconcerned About Rights of Unvaccinated”

  1. Creating two disparate classes of people. One with some privileges and the other without those privileges. Based on ‘elimination mantained across the country’.

    Elimination of a virus? That is the zero C19 notion.

    If you think this through, to eliminate a virus you would have to eliminate those who do not vaccinate, not just cut their privileges, but eliminate them from society. That hack poitician believes that a vaccine eliminates the virus among the vaccinated.

    Yet she is more muddled than that.

    She claimed that NZ maintained a high vaccinate rate without the certificates. So this can not be about a the rate of vaccination. It is a tool of confidence, she said.

    People who are vaccinated will want to know that they are around other vaccinated people, she said. They’ll want to know that they are in a safe environment. It is a way to give confidence to those going back into hospitality or events.

    She said she wants to offer the vaccinated confidence that her government is doing everything they can to keep the vaccinated safe.

    The confidence she spoke of is not in safety but in the government. Confidence that the government is protective. And the way to show that is to do harm to those who do not vaccinate.

    Yet the harm of the C19 certificate is to all of society, not just to those who do not vaccinate. It immediately harms those who safeguard their medical privacy — vaccinated or not. It immediately harms the loved ones and the friends of those who will be decertified and made under-privileged. It immediately degrades human rights by treating people as unequal classes of society. It immediately degrades the vaccinated as subjects, rather than human beings, who must earn their privileges by firstly doing with their bodies what the government dictates and secondly by treating equal human beings as unequal and even less free than the vaccinated.

    How she has calculated that nonsense is beyond my ability to keep up with her brilliant strategizing. Yup, she is a political hack.

    How about we eliminate her brand of stupidity by tossing her into a class of people who should be eliminated from society? Her kind do not instill confidence in the government’s ability or even intention to adhere to the rule of law and to human rights. She blatantly said that the certificate program is not about actual safety — they had high vaccination rates already so if she believed in vaccinations she would not be troubled by those who do not vaccinate or do not divulge their private medical status. It is really about her grooming a new class of people she wants beholden to the government which will give or takeaway privileges that formerly were basic rights and basic aspects of ordinary living in that country.

    This is not about lifting up the ordinary person who works in hospitality. They would just be slaves doing the bidding of their masters. So that the masters can go to a restaurant or to an event. She has outright said the goal is to create two classes of people based on obedience to the government.

    Obedience to the government is, in her words, the way to give people confidence that the government is protecting their safety.

    If THAT does not bring NEW ZEALANDERS into the streets to crush her government, what the hell will? Starvation, segregated zones, deportations, what? Follow her nonsense and you end up there and then there is NO SAFETY for any class of people in that system. Step out of line and you will be de-personed and punished. Not just you but your loved ones, friends, neighbours, all of you live under that threat to YOUR wellbeing.

  2. She is a perfect match for Justin Trudeau, politically speaking. They both must have the same master.

  3. She has to have been involved in the Christchurch false flag operation, or at least in its cover-up. Why would she not do whatever else the psychopathic elites make it known that she supposed to do now? She’s already sold her soul. Most people never come back from doing that.
    One can only hope that enough New Zealanders have buried enough weapons somewhere and are ready to dig them up very soon. The Jews and Roma of Europe waited too long, as did the intellectuals in Cambodia in the 70s, and all the other victims of holocausts that happened after a bunch of propagandists said “Never again”.
    Well, it’s happening again on our watch now. What are we going to do about it? Hopefully we are not going to talk a lot about it on platforms that are monitored by the Five Eyes, which is pretty much all of them. We will have to go back to plotting in person over beers in a tavern like Benjamin Franklin and his buddies. Oh, darn. 🙂

  4. Switching from FEAR to Confidence Message – She truly believes in her message. Wish we had someone on the inside who was willing to give the necessary and truthful stats on those who have stepped up to participate in the great experiment who got ill or injured as a result.

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