2 thoughts on “Vaccine Failure in Highly Vaxxed B.C. Long-Term Care Facility”

  1. This incident will be used to fearmonger residents of longterm care. It will be used to threaten and cajole their loved ones who’d visit or tend to the residents. It will be used to do more harm to society.

    The families deserve much better. If this is going to be used, and it will be used by the political hacks, then, let us put this incident to the good use of ending the madness. It is normal to seek answers when a loved one is harmed within the institutions run by government. Twelve deaths.

    The use of C19 to distract is expected.

  2. It was not just a severe outbreak with a death rate of 12.4 percent. It was an event that occured within a government run institution where residents are frail and elderly. The very people that the government claimed it was protecting by locking down the rest of society and waiting for this vax program. That has been an abject failure. This is yet another horrible result of a failed policy.

    But hold on. Were these really C19 deaths? HAVE AUTOPSIES BEEN ORDERED? Do not permit the BC government to distract with the vax. Hold their feet to the fire.

    The families of the deceased can demand evidence of the cause of death. Also, on what basis is this called an outbreak of C19? The diagnoses must be questioned. The government must be reminded that the onus is on it to prove what it asserts. No more looking the other way to distract.

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