More Triple-Vaxxed Cases and Deaths Than Unvaxxed in Ontario

Ontario Public Health’s May 9 data shows the alarming trend of the triple-vaccinated getting Covid-19 at rates more than double the fully vaccinated and “not fully vaccinated” (0 doses to less than 14 days after a 2nd dose). Previous to April 23, 2022, the fully vaccinated had greater case rates per 100,000 population than the not-fully vaccinated. The triple-vaxxed have had greater rates of death per 100k than the not-fully vaccinated since May 2nd.

Despite such clear and irrefutable epidemiological data showing that Covid-19 “vaccines” are failing to reduce infection and transmission–and are actually spurring cases of infection–and deaths over the less vaccinated, including unvaccinated, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a dubious “peer-reviewed” study concluding that the unvaxxed were a threat to the vaccinated and that public health policies should, therefore, be allowed to trample on the rights and freedoms of the unvaccinated. Dr. Byram Bridle, a world-leading viral immunologist and vaccinologist at the University of Guelph, stated that this study, written by epidemiologist David Fisman et al., was the “worst” study that he had ever seen, summarizing it as hate propaganda veiled as science. [See our interview with his breakdown of the Fisman et al. study below.]

5 thoughts on “More Triple-Vaxxed Cases and Deaths Than Unvaxxed in Ontario”

  1. It is insane ANYONE that has financial ties with bigpHARMa, WHO or WEF should be forcing computer generated never successfully used before mRNA Experimental Injections onto the public. A similar crisis was solved years ago resulting in the World’s Code of Ethics with the Nuremberg Code, let’s put it back in use! We know with the release of Pfizer’s Court Ordered Documents their Trial only lasted 7 weeks before the placebo group were compromised, why does this scam still continue? The Trial is over. It’s been proven the efficacy given by Pfizer is also completely false, why are these dangerous experimental drugs still being touted as ‘safe and effective’?

  2. “We are now talking the fifth doses in the elderly.
    These covid-19 innoculations that the immune responses induce wane very quickly-these booster shots wane in as little as two months.That is clearly not an acceptable assumption.
    There is a huge amount of peer reviewed scientific published literature that shows that naturally acquired immunity is superior to the immunity conferred in these covid-19 jabs -in almost every way.Especially when it comes to duration of immunity.” Dr. Byram Bridle

    So,the Covid injections don’t work and you are injected with a bioweapon that has now been proven to have at least 1,200 serious adverse effects as admitted by Pfizer in their documents they were forced to release.
    Any questions?

  3. Also, the unvaccinated results includes anyone who has had 1 shot or got covid 2 weeks after the 2nd shot.

    This is noted by clicking on the “?” Mark right next to the office unvaccinated notes.

    Simply, “ The unvaccinated stats contain individuals with 1 shot that get or dies from Covid prior to 2nd shot or 2 weeks after 2nd shot.

    How misleading and unethical !

  4. Thanks,Ben. This is an extremely prescient warning for humanity.
    In order for the human race to survive the bio weapon they released and inflicted upon our world we need a maximum of unvaccinated people with protective antibodies.
    Punishing Canadians that do not inject a “lousy vaccine” (as Geert states) that is propelling/enhancing infection is beyond explanation.
    “Vaccinating yourself and your children (our largest immunity reservoir) is the biggest disaster ever.The more children we will vaccinate the more we will expedite immune escape and create a variant that is fully infectious and highly virulent.” Geert
    Demonizing and punishing unvaxxed Canadians and thereby refusing to protect all of our society against this bio weapon virus is utterly irresponsible,at the very least.
    What Dr. Bridle explains is the situation now as described by Geert,. The vaxxed have little to no immunity and as the virus transcends to it’s conclusion it will take them out. We are about to see massive deaths in the coming months.
    “The losses will be unprecedented. Africa will win (the countries that are the least vaccinated).This is going to be dramatic for highly vaccinated countries. It’s devastating.”
    Can anybody explain why our Liberal government and health ministers incessantly refuse to protect Canadians and instead continue to punish those Canadians that are protecting our society from risk of infection and very possibly an extinction level event?

    ” The future of our world is hanging in the bodies of those that have not touched these vaccines.” Del Bigtree
    ” I absolutely agree. Thanks,Del.This is my last call to have things change.” Geert VDB

  5. The latest The Highwire episode breaks down exactly why the max sine is failing in great detail. Del interviews Geert Vanden Bossche, who is very concerned for humanity…

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