[INTERVIEW] The WHO Should Concern You -Drs Tess Lawrie & Mark Trozzi

The WHO’s Covid-19 pandemic response has been as dubious and scandalous as its 2009 Swine Flu (H1N1) response for which a European Union investigation was called. Join us for this special interview with World Council for Health Drs. Tess Lawrie, MD, and Mark Trozzi, MD, as they detail why every global citizen should be concerned with the WHO’s upcoming 2024 Pandemic Treaty and solutions for a way out of a looming authoritarian catastrophe.

Follow Dr. Lawrie at her substack here and Dr. Trozzi here.

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3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] The WHO Should Concern You -Drs Tess Lawrie & Mark Trozzi”

  1. Totally agree with you Max, it is very frustating to see Canadians no weakening up and ignorant and no looking for the truth

  2. Wayne Walisser

    Please note: All the talk about “The Treaty” is hiding the really BIG agenda item at the up-coming WHO meeting, (193 member nations, May 22-28, 2022) which is the vote on the USA’s IHR amendments (International Health Regulations). These amendments will codify into law (enforce on every country), everything that was done, in every member country, for Covid 19 (masks, social distancing, lockdowns, testing and forced injections and treatment, etc).

  3. The ignorant Canadians will blindly sell out the rest of us as they have already done on this recent bio weapon scam – trial run.
    Those countries that despise the WHO/Gates for killing their people with bio weapons
    in the past will be the countries we need to look to emigrate to.
    Canadians have had over two years and most still refuse to even educate themselves.
    Canadians are being injured and killed with these injections and yet most won’t stand up for the Canadians that are aware enough to have figured out the genocide agenda.
    You Canadians that have allowed the dividing of our nation while they segregated us and discriminated against us are blindly following WEF/WHO traitors and need to WTFU.

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