‘If They Crossed The Line, Lock Them Up’ – Dr. Paul Alexander on Covid Officials

Dr. Paul Alexander, a renowned academic scientist who worked as a senior Covid advisor for the WHO, PAHO & Trump administration, drove 9 hours from the American trucker convoy in Maryland, USA, to deliver a strong message to Canadian govt and public health officials handling Covid mandates at Toronto’s Worldwide Rally 7: “If They Crossed The Line, Lock Them Up!”

7 thoughts on “‘If They Crossed The Line, Lock Them Up’ – Dr. Paul Alexander on Covid Officials”

  1. Brian Peckford’s blog is showing Dr. Alexander’s post on substack.
    Pfizer attempted to buy him out to shut him up: $1m USD’s + $50,000.00 USD’s per month.
    Dr. Alexander told them he could not be bought.
    ‘Safe and Effective’,according to the Turdo Government shills:

    “I joined with the Canadian trucker and now the US trucker to help stop the unscientific mandates and emergency powers, and I will remain fighting…its that critical.

    These vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna et al are criminal, for because they were non-sterilizing, and they knew it like how Pfizer knew there were 1,223 deaths that they and FDA hid from the public (see recent tranche of released documents, and 1290 special adverse effects etc., all hidden and they hoped for 55 or 75 years) it would have only driven infectious variants and more likely more virulent, more lethal ones.

    This is happening now. We are at this point where not only is the sub-optimal non-neutralizing Abs driving increased infectiousness of the virus via new variants, but it is driving increased virulence.” Dr. Paul Alexander

  2. I have great admiration for all the doctors like Dr. Paul Alexander and the many others across Canada the US, the UK and and everywhere else in the world who have stood up and spoken the truth about this fake pandemic. On the other hand, I am discussed with those doctors like our so called chief medical officers of health who continue to promote lies that they know are lies. I prey that I live to see the day that all these criminals are judged in a proper court and sentenced for the injuries and deaths they have caused.

  3. Guinness called and they want to know what it feels like to be part of the world’s largest fringe minority.

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