Toronto Worldwide Rally 7 Speeches (Part 1) – Queen’s Park

The Toronto Worldwide Rally was held Saturday, March 19, 2022, with speeches taking place at both Queen’s Park and then later at Nathan Phillips Square. In this part 1 of 2 posts, the Queen’s Park speeches are featured in order.


1. Truckers: Ken, Ben & Harold
2. Austin (shotsbyhill)
3. Dave (live.fromtheshed)
4. Omari, DJ of weekly Toronto Freedom Rallies
5. Joel & Margaret Sussman (Vaccine Choice Canada)
6. Kelli Keili (former mainstream media now independent journalist, filmmaker) + Ritchy Marques (United Freedom Convoy NFT founder)
7. Zuowang, poet/writer, who grew up in communist China discusses Canada’s lost freedoms
8. Jody Ledgerwood (
9. Dr. Chris Shoemaker, MD – shares shocking UK data on Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths vs unvaxxed in children
10. Vincent Gircys, former OPP, Police for Freedom
11. Knia Singh, Human Rights Lawyer, on Canada’s trampled freedoms and what to do
12. Kristen Nagle, Canadian Frontline Nurses

#wewillallbethere #freedomconvoy #truckersconvoy

3 Ottawa Freedom Convoy truckers kicked off a special day at Toronto Worldwide Rally 7–a tribute to the enormous impact of the Freedom Convoy in the fight for freedom–for the first set of speeches at Queen’s Park.

Ken Wales – replaced one of the first 12 trucks in Ottawa that had to leave
Ben – owned the crane truck that became the makeshift stage and centre of Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy
Harold Jonkers – trucker that held the line for 3 weeks in Ottawa

Austin shot to prominence as a livestreamer on Instagram, @shotsbyhill, from the Ottawa #FreedomConvoy frontlines and spoke at the Toronto Worldwide Rally, March 19, 2022.

Dave joined Ottawa #FreedomConvoy with @live.fromtheshed (Instagram), livestreaming Wellington St. from their makeshift shed built on the top of one of the frontline trucks, and shared his story and thanks to the truckers.

DJ Omari has been a fighter for taken freedoms since March 2020, supplying weekly rallies with high energy and positivity. He spoke to the crowd at Queen’s Park, urging any who wish to speak to email him at

Joel & Margaret Sussman, Vaccine Choice Canada, are long-time advocates for bodily autonomy and freedom of medical choice.

Kelli Keili, a former-mainstream-media-now-independent journalist and producer of Freedom Film 2022, discusses how the media of today no longer reports the truth, and Ritchy Marques, founder of United Freedom Convoy NFT, shares his project whose goal is to help those injured by mandates, like vaccine injury, job loss and mental health challenges.

Zuowang, a poet and writer, grew up in Communist China and has a stark warning for Canadians now undergoing similar stolen freedoms. *Thanks to Mike at for sharing footage.

Jody Ledgerwood ( discusses Bill S233, Guaranteed Livable Basic Income, and its potentially dire ramifications of the further loss of freedoms for Canadians.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker, MD, discusses shocking numbers that compare deaths between Covid-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated children from the UK Office for National Statistics.

Vincent Gircys, former OPP & Police for Freedom Canada leader, was a regular up in the frontlines of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy. He discusses the govt’s illegal actions there and what people need to do going forward to fight for their freedoms.

Knia Singh, Human Rights Lawyer, speaks about Canada’s trampled constitutional freedoms and democracy and what Canadians need to do to win them back.

Kristen Nagle, Canadian Frontline Nurses, held the line up in Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy, bravely battling on the frontlines, confronting police and filming the brutal take-down of Wellington St. She shares her experiences here.

19 thoughts on “Toronto Worldwide Rally 7 Speeches (Part 1) – Queen’s Park”

  1. Bill S233.
    Government is a bankrupt. There is no money for retirement, benefits and social services.
    There will be no pensions as the pervious generations had in NorthAmerica. If person agrees for ” health requirements ” in order to receive guaranteed income, his/r life will be shortened by vaccine , so government will not have to pay basic income for long. And even survivors will receive basic income below normal physical needs: alimentary diet, incects meals, no real medical treatment ( just vaccines and chemo treatments).
    Covid 19 pandemic covers an economic crisis worse than great depression. And this is only the beginning

    1. Loyal WEF members in government are traitors to this nation:
      Chrystia Freeland is in a conflict of interest. While serving as a member of Parliament of Canada Chrystia Freeland became and continues to be an active member of the Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum.

      “Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 25 January 2019 – The World Economic Forum announces that Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, … joins its Board of Trustees.”

      “The Board of Trustees serves as the guardian of the World Economic Forum’s mission and values” World Economic Forum

      As of January 2, 2022 , the German founded and lead World Economic Forum still lists Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland as an active member of its Board of Trustees.
      Similar to a board of directors, board of trustees play a strong role in governance, tasked with strategic planning and providing oversight and accountability for the organization. … The board of trustees’ primary responsibility is to uphold their fiduciary duties.

      Being an active member of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees isn’t just a conflict of interest offence her actions is a criminal offence – Breach of trust by public officer.
      Freeland-WEF trustee and traitor to our nation
      Meet head-WEF member and traitor to our nation
      Turdo-WEF traitor to our nation

  2. 0.097% death rate due to corona virus- Knia Singh, Human Rights Lawyer
    Two years of flattening the country for Davos.
    Thanks for the effort ,Gord.

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