Toronto Worldwide Rally 7 Speeches (Part 1) – Queen’s Park

The Toronto Worldwide Rally was held Saturday, March 19, 2022, with speeches taking place at both Queen’s Park and then later at Nathan Phillips Square. In this part 1 of 2 posts, the Queen’s Park speeches are featured in order.


1. Truckers: Ken, Ben & Harold
2. Austin (shotsbyhill)
3. Dave (live.fromtheshed)
4. Omari, DJ of weekly Toronto Freedom Rallies
5. Joel & Margaret Sussman (Vaccine Choice Canada)
6. Kelli Keili (former mainstream media now independent journalist, filmmaker) + Ritchy Marques (United Freedom Convoy NFT founder)
7. Zuowang, poet/writer, who grew up in communist China discusses Canada’s lost freedoms
8. Jody Ledgerwood (
9. Dr. Chris Shoemaker, MD – shares shocking UK data on Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths vs unvaxxed in children
10. Vincent Gircys, former OPP, Police for Freedom
11. Knia Singh, Human Rights Lawyer, on Canada’s trampled freedoms and what to do
12. Kristen Nagle, Canadian Frontline Nurses

#wewillallbethere #freedomconvoy #truckersconvoy

3 Ottawa Freedom Convoy truckers kicked off a special day at Toronto Worldwide Rally 7–a tribute to the enormous impact of the Freedom Convoy in the fight for freedom–for the first set of speeches at Queen’s Park.

Ken Wales – replaced one of the first 12 trucks in Ottawa that had to leave
Ben – owned the crane truck that became the makeshift stage and centre of Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy
Harold Jonkers – trucker that held the line for 3 weeks in Ottawa

Austin shot to prominence as a livestreamer on Instagram, @shotsbyhill, from the Ottawa #FreedomConvoy frontlines and spoke at the Toronto Worldwide Rally, March 19, 2022.

Dave joined Ottawa #FreedomConvoy with @live.fromtheshed (Instagram), livestreaming Wellington St. from their makeshift shed built on the top of one of the frontline trucks, and shared his story and thanks to the truckers.

DJ Omari has been a fighter for taken freedoms since March 2020, supplying weekly rallies with high energy and positivity. He spoke to the crowd at Queen’s Park, urging any who wish to speak to email him at

Joel & Margaret Sussman, Vaccine Choice Canada, are long-time advocates for bodily autonomy and freedom of medical choice.

Kelli Keili, a former-mainstream-media-now-independent journalist and producer of Freedom Film 2022, discusses how the media of today no longer reports the truth, and Ritchy Marques, founder of United Freedom Convoy NFT, shares his project whose goal is to help those injured by mandates, like vaccine injury, job loss and mental health challenges.

Zuowang, a poet and writer, grew up in Communist China and has a stark warning for Canadians now undergoing similar stolen freedoms. *Thanks to Mike at for sharing footage.

Jody Ledgerwood ( discusses Bill S233, Guaranteed Livable Basic Income, and its potentially dire ramifications of the further loss of freedoms for Canadians.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker, MD, discusses shocking numbers that compare deaths between Covid-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated children from the UK Office for National Statistics.

Vincent Gircys, former OPP & Police for Freedom Canada leader, was a regular up in the frontlines of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy. He discusses the govt’s illegal actions there and what people need to do going forward to fight for their freedoms.

Knia Singh, Human Rights Lawyer, speaks about Canada’s trampled constitutional freedoms and democracy and what Canadians need to do to win them back.

Kristen Nagle, Canadian Frontline Nurses, held the line up in Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy, bravely battling on the frontlines, confronting police and filming the brutal take-down of Wellington St. She shares her experiences here.

26 thoughts on “Toronto Worldwide Rally 7 Speeches (Part 1) – Queen’s Park”

  1. Does anyone else just absolutely love the fact that the #truckerconvoy to Ottawa has had the exact opposite result that those involved wanted? #shouldhavejuststayedhome #IStandWithTrudeau

    1. Anybody else watching the Liberal-NDP parliament debate and notice how the entire Liberal and NDP benches are wearing their masks and none of the Conservatives are? There’s your answer on which elected MPs actually care about public health.

      #cdnpoli #IStandWithTrudeau #IstandWithSingh #NeverVoteConservative #VotingConservativeIsRacist #VotingConservativeIsFacist #ConservativesAreEvil

      1. Wearing masks that are about as useful as a screen door in a submarine.
        There’s your answer on which MPs are mindless automatons.

      2. Don’t you just Lo-o-o-ve the Twit?

        Hey there, Twit! You want to know the truth? You want do know what the world thinks of your beloved dear leader?

        Here’s a story you won’t see on the Twit’s propaganda arm, known as the CBC:

        That’s right, Twit. I didn’t wear my mask today either, and it sure felt good to see people’s smiling faces again, even it’s going to be short-lived.

        But Twits like you happily swallowed the banal lies from fearless leader and his propaganda arm of the ministry of truth — the CBC.

        You know why we call it “drinking the kool-aid, Twit? Look up Jim Jones and look at what he did to his cult. The turd is doing exactly the same thing to each and every Canadian, and yes, Twit. That includes you. You see, the Turd doesn’t care if his lapdog adores him. He thinks of you, and every one of people who can’t think of themselves as “useful idiots!”

        That’s what you are, Twit the troll. A Useful Idiot!

      1. PMJT’s late great father would be doing a pirouette today over how well his eldest son has lead the country. Tough. Compassionate. Resilient. Best world leader. Period. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is really respected in the European Parliament. He is knocking it out of the park today. Strong Leadership. The only place #PierrePoilievre will get to speak is at a Trump Rally.

        LOVE the carbon tax rebate! Money in the bank and feeling good about a reduced carbon footprint. I thought I just had to thank Trudeau BUT now I understand there are a whole list of people to thank.

        In the 2021 Federal Election:
        32.6% voted Liberal
        25.0% voted NDP

        57.6% percent of Canadians or more rejected
        conservatives again in 3 elections in a row.
        #IStandWithTrudeau #

        Max go enjoy your trump rally! That is not even Canadian!!!!

        1. Yes, Twit. the turd, Castro Jr, is so well respected in the EUP. See the link I posted above… On second thought, I don’t think you have a clue, so I’ll post the link again here!

          The carbon taxes is what’s going to ruin what’s left of the economy, you twit!

          How many voted for CPC, Twit? Why are you cherry-picking data? Because if you talk to NDP voters, they will tell you that they voted NDP because they DID NOT want to vote for the Turd! If they thought for one moment that the NDP would form a “Confidence and Supply” (another euphemism for a coalition government) with the lie-berals, do you think so many would have voted NDP, especially since they voted the way they did AFTER the singe assured his base that HE WOULD NEVER AGREE to a coalition agreement with the turd’s lie-berals.

          As I tried to explain to you before Twit, MORE would have voted CPC if Twit Jr, the Tool, didn’t throw his base under the bus. THAT’S why the Tool lost the election, Twit. He lost the confidence of his base, and that’s EXACTLY why he is no longer leading the party.
          HE LIED, Twit! BOTH OF THEM LIED!

          WE NEED A TRUMP UP HERE, Twit. And if that doesn’t make me a “Canadian,” then I will wear that badge of honor, because I’M ASHAMED TO BE A CANADIAN, Twit! I’d gladly give up my citizenship if only this insane, tyrannical government would let me go!

          The government class is severely corrupted by Marxist fiends who are members of the WEF. The turd and the singe are WEF puppets, but you don’t care if the 21st century equivalent of the Nazi party KILLS people in their quest to “depopulate” the planet, and then enslaves the survivors by hacking into their DNA, taking away their free will.

          Don’t believe me? Boy have I got a meme to show you!
          I’ve even cued the video for you, Twit, but I dare you to watch the whole thing, if you can stomach it!

        2. Hey Twit!

          We’re about the same age, so you must remember when PM Chretien stood on the stage at the Hill on a sunny July 1st Holiday afternoon and proclaimed Canada’s ranking by the UN as “the best in the world!”

          Remember that, Twit?

          Well, look at what your lord and master has done to this country!

          I have no doubt that the Twit’s lapdogs in the legacy media will probably bury this story too!

        3. Pure propaganda! Absolutely pure, Tax-payer funded propaganda!

          I warned you about this, Twit! YOUR government… YOUR Marxist, authoritarian government, is behaving more and more like a fascist dictatorship. The turd is becoming more and more like Hitler and/or Mussolini right before our very eyes! You’re just too much of a dim-witted, useful idiot of a twit, that you refuse to take off the blinders and see the world for what it is, and what it’s rapidly becoming.

          By 2030, if the turd has it’s way, and we can’t stop him, you’ll see the 20’s as “the good ol’ days!” You won’t recognize the country at all.

          But of course, you’ll be right there when they commission and commemorate statues of dear leader on Parliament Hill.

        4. Rog-Whit-the-bed-again doesn’t seem to get tired of coming back & showing us over & over again what a truly evil person he is. If I didn’t know better I’d say Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot all got together & shared their genetic material to create Rog. Luckily, most pathetic losers like Rog have no real power in this world.

    2. No, Twit. If anything, the Freedom Convoy opened up a lot of eyes. Provincial governments finally realizing that the jig is up, and pulled back on the mandates during what you call “the occupation,” while at the same time, we got rid of the Tool, who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory over the last election when he actually collaborated with the Turd in that 5-party commercial to push the dreaded clot-shots.

      The Tool flipped-flopped on so many base conservative issues that he campaigned on to win the CPC leadership, that he finally pushed his base to move their votes to the PPC. I was one of them.

      If the CPC had a REAL leader who actually campaigned on REAL CONSERVATIVE values, instead of trying to appease the lying lie-beral legacy media with his turd-light policies, the result of the 2021 election would have been vastly different.

    3. Turdo got a warm welcome in Brussels. The triple-jabbed Twits in Canada must have been proud of our WEF traitor:
      “Dictatorship of the worst kind” – Trudeau lambasted by European parliamentarian.
      “We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so that they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities, mortgages for their homes. To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it is a dictatorship of the worst kind. Rest assured that the citizens of the world, united, can stop any regime that wants to destroy,” said Kolakusic.
      Kolakusic then turned to face Trudeau.
      “Canada, once a symbol of the modern world, has become a symbol of civil rights violations under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months,” he said.

      Romanian MEP @Cristian Terhes absolutely mops the floor with PM @JustinTrudeau in Brussels this week over how he’s handling the Ottawa #FreedomConvoy2022 protests.
      “He’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania,” said Terhes.

      It takes European leaders to tell the world the truth about our Dear Leader,the Turd.

      1. I’m sorry but I don’t get this because I dont have screws for brains. Canadians are free and we love our PM. We support democracy and we’re helping Ukraine. Where do these speakers get off being insulting and disrespectful. Very offensive. They are a bunch of right wing anti-vax nut jobs just like you.

        #cdnpoli #IStandWithTrudeau #IstandWithSingh #NeverVoteConservative #VotingConservativeIsRacist #VotingConservativeIsFacist #ConservativesAreEvil

        1. Canadians love the turd so much that less than a third voted for him in the last election, Twit! Are you helping the neo-nazis in Ukraine too, twit? You’re showing yourself to be truly ignorant to the nuances that’s going on behind the scenes, but that is to be expected from the Twit.

          Where do these speakers get off, Twit? TWIT! THAT’S WHAT DEMOCRACY IS, TWIT!!! 9/10ths of the EUPs walked out on the turd before he gave his speech! What do you say to that, Twit? That’s REAL democracy in action, not the totalitarianism masquerading as a fake democracy, turd style, Twit!

          How many boosters did you take Twit? I believe 4 is the max allowed, but don’t worry… you’ll soon be taking it often enough. “Mmmm…. Please, sir… May I have some more?”

  2. Bill S233.
    Government is a bankrupt. There is no money for retirement, benefits and social services.
    There will be no pensions as the pervious generations had in NorthAmerica. If person agrees for ” health requirements ” in order to receive guaranteed income, his/r life will be shortened by vaccine , so government will not have to pay basic income for long. And even survivors will receive basic income below normal physical needs: alimentary diet, incects meals, no real medical treatment ( just vaccines and chemo treatments).
    Covid 19 pandemic covers an economic crisis worse than great depression. And this is only the beginning

    1. Loyal WEF members in government are traitors to this nation:
      Chrystia Freeland is in a conflict of interest. While serving as a member of Parliament of Canada Chrystia Freeland became and continues to be an active member of the Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum.

      “Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 25 January 2019 – The World Economic Forum announces that Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, … joins its Board of Trustees.”

      “The Board of Trustees serves as the guardian of the World Economic Forum’s mission and values” World Economic Forum

      As of January 2, 2022 , the German founded and lead World Economic Forum still lists Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland as an active member of its Board of Trustees.
      Similar to a board of directors, board of trustees play a strong role in governance, tasked with strategic planning and providing oversight and accountability for the organization. … The board of trustees’ primary responsibility is to uphold their fiduciary duties.

      Being an active member of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees isn’t just a conflict of interest offence her actions is a criminal offence – Breach of trust by public officer.
      Freeland-WEF trustee and traitor to our nation
      Meet head-WEF member and traitor to our nation
      Turdo-WEF traitor to our nation

  3. The leadership of the Liberals and the NDP have reached an agreement that would see the NDP support the Liberal government to keep it in power until 2025 in exchange for a commitment to act on key NDP priorities, CBC News has learned.

    YES!!!!A Liberal/NDP partnership means an opportunity to bring the best benefit to Canadians!

    I think this alliance is really good news for Canadians. The Cons have absolutely no leadership and no platform other than being anti-Trudeau. This will create stability and the ability to get shit done!

    #cdnpoli #IStandWithTrudeau #IstandWithSingh #NeverVoteConservative #VotingConservativeisRacist

    1. He’s ba-a-a-a-ck!

      Enjoy your trip to SteelTown, Twit? Why didn’t you stay there?

      Enjoy the decline, Twit! You thought you saw inflation? Wait! You haven’t seen ANYTHING yet!

      Who’s gonna pay for all that pharma-care, and dental-care, Twit?

      Canadians are already leaving the country, twit. Why? Because nobody’s going to be able to afford the inevitable new taxes, like the carbon tax increase coming April 1st, let alone afford to put gas in their car, as if anybody will be able to drive at all after their next grocery bill.

      Even if you can afford to buy groceries, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the basic staples when you go to the store and find nothing but empty shelves because of the supply-chain issues after the Turd dumped all over the truckers.

      Yes, Twit… That story about the truckers being involved in that arson attempt at a downtown apartment building was a fake! ANOTHER false flag! Who lied, Twit? Who lied to Canadians with this atrocity? That’s right, Twit! It was your lord and master, the Turd himself.

      You like propaganda, Twit? Prepare yourself. You’re going to see lies like you’ve never seen before from dear leader.

      A leader who has to lie to stay in power is not much of a leader, Twit. This deal you are so happy about is because the Turd is running scared. HE KNOWS that PP is gunning for him. This deal gives him a majority, even AFTER BOTH PARTIES promised that NIETHER WOULD AGREE TO A COALITION! That’s right, Twit. Dear leader, and the Singe both LIED… AGAIN!

      Do you think Canadians voted for a Majority Lib/NDP coalition, Twit? No, they did not! In fact, The Lie-bs got LESS VOTES in the last election than the CPC, even with yet another twit in charge… the Tool! Imagine what CPC will do with a real leader at the helm… But we won’t get to find out, Twit, because the country will be dead and buried by 2025. We will become the Venezuela of the North. The Turd will become full-on dictator, declare yet another “emergency”, and outlaw elections… you know… “for the greater good.”

  4. 0.097% death rate due to corona virus- Knia Singh, Human Rights Lawyer
    Two years of flattening the country for Davos.
    Thanks for the effort ,Gord.

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