Hamilton Public Board Removes Vaccine Requirement. Will Others?

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board removed their coercive vaccine mandate, saving the livelihoods of many school board staff who chose not to vaccinate or disclose their status, sparing them of further life-altering stress.

“At the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, roughly 93 per cent of staff are fully vaccinated. Shawn McKillop, the board’s spokesman, said on Tuesday the board has removed a requirement that employees be fully vaccinated by Nov. 30. He said that it was a “result of the advice from experts and employee management groups.” Instead, unvaccinated staff will have to undergo rapid testing twice a week, he said.”



11 thoughts on “Hamilton Public Board Removes Vaccine Requirement. Will Others?”

  1. These mandates are being pushed with bribes from the those who who are pushing this agenda. Given that:

    Health Canada and the medical system is full of quacks:

    1 you never vaccinate during pandemic
    2 you never vaccinate if one has already had Covid
    3 you never vaccinate when there a plenty of safe treatments
    4 you never vaccinate when the risk from the vaccine is higher than that of the disease Ontario survival rate is 99.94 for July 2021
    Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Says COVID Shots Risk Millions of Lives
    Dr. Paul Kempen, MD, who leads the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), responded to mandatory COVID vaccines for health-care workers by pointing out that 30-million people have recovered from COVID-19 in the US and now have natural immunity. For them, the shots confer only risk with no benefit. It is absurd that they are not exempt from these mandates. A statement from AAPS warns that COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths have increased at the same time that half of the US population was taking the inoculation. Long-term effects are unknown and may cause autoimmune disorders, antibody-enhanced disease, infertility, cancer, and birth defects. The benefit to the public is mythical, because uninfected people cannot transmit COVID. but vaccinated people can. Instead of taking the jab, the AAPS recommends early-treatment options, of which there are many. The AAPS acknowledges that everyone has a right to liberty, “which they do not forfeit when they serve the sick or the disabled.” -GEG
    Lockdown supporters who have not been hit in the pocket book, have proven unusually indifferent to the devastating consequences of their policies.
    It should be sweet justice if the lowdown supports had to pay for the loses that they have and their ilk have caused!
    It’s time for them get their head out the sand to do some research – remember what goes around comes around…

  2. There should be Lawyers stepping up, this is against all laws and our Civil rights, Bill of rights, Nuremberg code, Helsinki,,, where are the good people,,,, open your business stop this discrimination,
    go into a shop get a fine, or get kicked out go to court on discrimination get them fined, other businesses will open its all a game we have the winning pieces,,, people are scared,, stand together don’t argue over stupid masks that don’t do any thing,, POUR IN THE MASK IS LARGER THEN A VIRUS POUR,,, look it up its doing nothing but creating fear.
    I love my country and we are allowing our PM and all other Premiers to kill it ,,, GET MAD I am.
    Thanks for reading my rant I am just so sick of all this fear mongering

  3. I work in this Board and I listened to the discussion of this item at the trustee meeting Monday night. I also received an email update from our Director on Tuesday. This reporting is not fully accurate. A mandatory vaccination policy is still being developed. They have deferred deciding the details of the policy until at least Dec. 13th, as they want to see what happens with TDSB’s mandate. I’ve just heard that TDSB has delayed their deadline for staff for 3 weeks, so HWDSB may delay longer as well. So, yes, the Nov. 30th deadline no longer exists – that is true. The twice weekly rapid testing process will continue…for now. But there has not been a decision on whether staff will be mandated to be vaxxed.

  4. No children should have their shots or wear a mask it is dangerous and it is a crime to force people to wear a mask or get a shot that they don’t need but the government is brainwashing everybody.

    Bring back the old Canada where we are free and able to go into a restaurant without a shot.

  5. What a heroic school board!
    Send them a note on their website to congratulate their courage against medical tyranny, THESE are the kind of people we need as leaders.

    1. The Angel of Death who is like or equal to God

      Well if people knew what a mandate is instead of imagineing everything then they would not worrying about it ever. Why do people imagine things instead of learning the truth.

  6. 100%. This has negatively affected many people’s lives un-necessarily! Step down and face the repercussions! The PM should be held accountable for creating an dangerous environment for these people with his rhetoric!

    1. The Angel of Death who is like or egual to God

      If you allow things that don’t affect you to affect you that’s a decision made from ignorance.

  7. Charges should be layed for those who applied it as a mandate. Step down from your positions.
    Laws and Constitutional Rights have been violated.

    1. Totally agree with you. These “mandates” are dangerous-people are losing their livelihoods, lives, their mental health is affected by the stress of it. It’s appalling

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