Quebec Drops No-Jab-No-Job Policy for School Staff

As tens of thousands of unvaccinated workers are ready to lose their jobs–choosing bodily autonomy over a forced experimental vaccination–a curious trend is emerging: vaccine mandates in large institutions in Quebec and Ontario are being dropped or extended.

Unlike universities with smaller staffing numbers, vaccine requirements were completely removed for Quebec school staff on Oct. 27 and Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board staff on Oct. 26. Termination day for unvaccinated Quebec’s 22,000 healthcare workers (HCWs) was pushed back 1 month from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15 and for the 4,600 unvaccinated Toronto District School Board (TDSB) staff from Nov. 1 to Nov. 21.

These mandate peel-backs and extensions are not based on an improving epidemiological situation due to high vaccine uptake, as the Quebec Ministry of Health would have you believe. Instead, it would seem that govt officials and institutions are attempting to stave off politically unwise healthcare shortages during a “pandemic” and further school disruptions for children and parents, which disastrously fuelled unprecedented levels of mental health issues and suicides in children and havoc in the lives of working parents. Perhaps the vaccine mandates are starting to crumble under the growing weight of lawsuits against employers and calls to MPPs to stop the unconstitutional and unlawful no-job-no-jab policies.

The path forward remains unclear, and, though BC horrifically just put 6,000 BC HCWs on unpaid leave Oct. 26–destroying the lives of many and creating an unnecessary healthcare crisis–Quebec and Ontario have a chance to right this unethical and dangerous vaccine-mandate nightmare.

6 thoughts on “Quebec Drops No-Jab-No-Job Policy for School Staff”

  1. BC’s John Horgan got in to surgery quick as can be and he is exempt from any vaccine mandates or masks.

  2. We need to completely dismantle all forms of Government in every Countey and start over. Remove the rich from power and rake there money and use it wisely. Shut up all the useless neiseiers. All party’s that cowardly went along with this tyranny like Doctors,nurses, political party’s, policeman, and many more are delt with in the highest courts and put behind bars. Let the good people take over the world and watch us live our best lives.

  3. these tyrants should be jailed to say the least!!
    There is much we can say here, but one thing is very certain; these tyrannical decrees have absolutely nothing to do with people’s health, or protecting the next guy, etc.. In fact masks have been shown in several studies to be bad for your health ( breathing in what you exhale, bacteria accumulating on the outside of masks & then breathing in, lack of oxygen to your lungs…& on top of that , if you have covid the particles will pass right through the mask because they are much smaller than the pores on these stupid masks. So they’re not only useless for covid size particles, but are also detrimental to your health. That’s why i always have my nose exposed… so i can breathe like normal human beings! )
    Distancing measures: no science behind that either, just arbitrary regulation from idiotic politicians with their fear propaganda campaigns that’s now been here for 19 months.
    The amount of scientists, health professionals, researchers all over the globe ( many top notch in these fields -epidemiology)that have explained the detrimental effects of these experimental gene therapy treatments ( falsely called vaccines), & have been completely silenced, & have had to speak on other platforms . This is because they don’t fall in line with government BS tyrannical narrative ( as if science, truth & real world stats are decided by governments, big pharma, & billionaires that drive this whole unethical, robotic & inhumaine system behind the scenes.
    Nothing about this situation makes any sense if one has two brain cells to rub together.
    Why didn’t we turn the whole planet upside-down for the common cold, the flue, measoles. Some of these are much more transmissible that covid??
    Covid is 99% survivable if normal immune system, so what’s the panic, hysteria, fear, & the rest of the nonsense that surrounds this cult-like mindset of people that don’t ask any intelligent question ( rather than just taking orders from the Gastapo, & following like dumb sheep.
    What about what many doctors around the world are saying to cure this right away when one gets it: early treatment with hydroxychloroquin ( sorry for the spelling), ivermectin & other proven treatments that have been around for decades?? They work, & no side effects. ( Big pharma doesn’t like these because they are cheap, & so they can’t make the billions they want.
    These “vaccines” are “ safe & effective”, are they??! What about real world data like the massive amounts of people all over the globe with collateral damages from these injections ( like heart, lung, ovary, & a multitude of other like threatening side effects). What about the heavily fully vaxed counties that the people are in the hospital with covid?? What about young men with heart issues?? What about the multitude of thousands that died as a result of this poison ( coincidence??)
    Why would governments force people that have acquired natural immunity?? Natural immunity is between 15-27 times better that the spike protein that these jabs give you.
    Why don’t we ever hear mainstream media morons , governments, & Fauci mention natural immunity. The so-called immunity of the spike protein lasts maybe 6-8 months ( so-called, because lots of people double jabbed get covid; so you’re not immune to anything, except maybe one’s intelligence.
    We can say lots more here.
    Listen to LOGIC, SCIENCE, & TRUTH & STATS… real world data.!
    This is a global PLANDEMIC , not a pandemic! It has nothing to do with a virus ( that is flue -like to begin with), & everything to do with government control of every human being on the planet. As i said earlier, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure it out!

  4. This is awesome news. We must continue to stand up for our personal health. It’s not up to the government to decide what I or you put in your body and there’s information readily available to show you that these so called vaccines are detrimental for your health. I would rather die before taking this so called vaccine and I am not an antivaxxer. My most recent vaccine being for shingles. This is about rushed and censored data and a government trying to have authoritarian power over its citizens. I say, off with their heads. Thankyou.

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