Global Protests Against Vaccine Mandates Set for Sept. 1

On Sept. 1, 2021, healthcare workers and concerned citizens around the world, including Germany, South Africa, U.S.A. and the U.K. will be protesting unconstitutional vaccine mandates outside hospitals.

Join Kristen Nagle of the Canadian Frontline Nurses, as she shares details.

Visit the Canadian Frontline Nurses website for more information.

27 thoughts on “Global Protests Against Vaccine Mandates Set for Sept. 1”

  1. I agree with the nurses in the videos and one’s that have everything to loose ,I also done some research after watching and downloading the information shared on the internet. It all checks out.Resonable substantial evidence of Racketeering and collusion perpetrated by Justice Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Jagmeet Singh, and other members of federal and provincial Governments Presented by Chris Vleck email cleck@protonmail its all over the internet in alot mentioned the vanguard group and connections to Blackrock its all tied in facts are facts.

  2. Where do I go to protest here in Golden BC People are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone as for me I can’t take this anymore this is it taking away my freedom of choice is not acceptable my body my choice the Nuremberg code was set down in 1947 and it’s still stand strong to this day if we don’t fight we lose I really can’t take anymore of this I had enough enough is enough

    1. Your body and your choice? That’s all fine and dandy you don’t have to get the vaccine if you don’t want to. I highly recommend you do. Again it’s your choice. With that said, thankfully we are not living in the United States. Our freedoms and rights in Canada are completely different than our friends to the south. We do not have what they call absolute freedoms. Here we call it negative freedoms. You have the right and freedom to make your own choices for the most part but…. here’s the difference, listen carefully because this is where your freedom ends and rightly so. You are entitled to all your freedoms you want. No one wants to take your freedoms away from you. When your freedoms begins to encroach upon someone else’s freedoms affecting them negativity is when you’re freedoms ends. That means doing your part in helping keep every Canadian safe and healthy by getting the vaccine. By not vaccinating you run a high the risk of contracting the virus from someone and passing it on to someone else. That in itself is taking away the freedoms and rights to a healthy long life, just because you only cared about your freedoms and not the freedoms of others. How is that fair? Is not! Discussions about the vaccines is welcomed. After all the discussions have concluded you still have to turn to the science and choose the proper direction needed based on the science and facts provided.

      1. That sounds great in theory. Only problem is the vaccines DON’T stop anyone from getting COVID or spreading it. So your comment “By not vaccinating you run a high the risk of contracting the virus from someone and passing it on to someone else.” is entirely incorrect and is a product of how the government, media, Big Pharma etc has been lying and hiding the truth. WAKE UP or both you and us (USA) will be the next Australia.

    2. As for your Nuremberg code, this isn’t a law. It’s was a research document about experimental procedures performed on humans and the ethics surrounding it. This is far far far far from the scope of what the vaccine is and your code is a poor example that literally has no standing to what’s happening today. This isn’t an experiment on humans in the entire world. No conspiracy intertwined throughout the governments around the world. It’s a virus deadlier than a regular flu or cold that has mutated several times trying to find a host to replicate itself. No country around the world would ever want to cripple their economy and livelihood of its people. Any nurse or doctor that is against the vaccine should find another field to work in. The hypocratic oath directly states to do no harm and if your in the position to work with patients all precautions to do no harm must be taken. That means mandated vaccine shots to those working in the medical field.

  3. Roger, you are 100x more stupid than your lover Trudeau. I hope it will be you I spread Covid to. Hey Roger, do you know, that Liberals are mentally ill people.?

  4. Thank you to all the nurses who risk their livelihood to speak their truth and protest for medical freedom. This is truly a pivotal moment in history, our future generations depend on all of us to not remain neutral in times of moral peril.
    The light is with you!

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