B.C. Govt & Top Doc Being Sued for Unlawful Measures “With A Singular Aim of Vaccination”

Alternative link to video (Youtube has removed this video for “medical misinformation”).

(PRESS CONFERENCE, Aug. 26, 2021) Join Rocco Galati, Constitutional Rights Centre, as he announces an Aug. 16, 2021, statement of claim presented in BC, a notice of civil liability, against the B.C. government and Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Bonnie Henry, challenging the various Covid-19 measures in BC. The statement of claim was returned Aug. 17 by the court with a file number.

There are 20 plaintiffs, Action4Canada +  19 other private plaintiffs, seeking constitutional relief and monetary damages caused by the “oppressive unlawful, criminal and unconstitutional measures” implemented by the province and the top doc, Dr. Henry.

The statement of claim covers the history of Covid-19 and the scientific and medical evidence of the measures whose singular aim is mass vaccination.

19 thoughts on “B.C. Govt & Top Doc Being Sued for Unlawful Measures “With A Singular Aim of Vaccination””

  1. Should post that video on Rumble or BitChute, don’t bother on fascist censorTube, try posting it again please.

  2. Our government on all levels is not working for the people, they work for the Psychopathic Predatory Ruling Class. Dr. Bonnie Henry, John Horgan, and Adrian Dix have blood on their hands and must be held accountable for the death of many.

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